Artist- Melissa Greene

Album- Next Step

Label- KOCH records

Street date- March 3, 2009.

Album length- 10 tracks. 40.1 minutes.

Genre- Pop

Ipod pick- Imagine

Every now and then we hear a song on the radio that inspires our heart to take action and make our world a better place. Worship Pastor and Former member of the group Avalon is here to give us more of songs like that on our debut. ‘Can you imagine what the world would be. . . . If Hope is the language we all learn to speak’ 30 year old Melissa asks on ‘Imagine’, a rocky ‘anthemic’ song about impacting our world. This is followed by should I say a consecration song ‘Wonder’ were the skilled singer cries out with strong vocals for more of Jesus. ‘Next Step’  is that beaty song reminiscence of the pop tunes of the Jessica Simpsons and Jennifer Lopez but with hope filled lyrics on getting back up when life seems to press a stop.

‘Long road to forgiveness’ would soon be a favorite once heard. A story song in the likes of Mark Schultz’s ‘Letters from War’ which centers on the joys and pains of letting go and forgiveness. ‘Army’ testifies of God’s mercy and refuge. It affirms God fighting our battles for us. ‘Too far’ is a nice pop rock driven tune. The album takes a solemn turn on ‘Jody’s Song’ where the singer sings about trusting God over the loss of a loved one.

For starters, I think this is a good start for Melissa Greene. Thumbs up to her for bringing up an original sound with her and not giving us something that sounds anywhere near Avalon. Wanting something new and refreshing this summer? The shelf holding Melissa Greene’s ‘Next Step’ should be your next stop when next you visit the music store.

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