Artist – MaryMary

Album – Something Big

Label – Columbia Records

Street Date – March 29, 2011

Album Length – 12 tracks: 43 Minutes, 50 seconds

Genre – Urban / RnB / Gospel / Pop

IPod Pick – Catch Me

Okay guys, I waited so long for this. MaryMary’s ‘The Sound’ (their last effort) was a blast! (though with a lot of controversy, more on that later). I listened to it, grooved to it, took it to the party, took it everywhere and anywhere. So you can all know how eager and excited I was to get their new one titled ‘Something Big’.

I remember traipsing around twitter sometimes late last year and came across a tweet ( by an obvious critic of ‘The Sound’ album) that was about the name of Jesus not being mentioned on the sound album unless once in the song titled ‘Boom’ in a passive way and I was like what! Spare this ladies they are doing a good job being a light in the mainstream scene. So I was excited to hear the opening/title track ‘Something big’ on their new one with the name of Jesus imprinted over it. It’s a song about what Jesus has done for us and all, terming it something big. It’s a Motown/Jazzy flavored gospel tune. The track ‘Something Bigger’ which is about living for Jesus follows with a very fast and urban beat with these ladies doing vocals like rap. You would hear catchy lyrics such as ‘my God is bigger than just music’ on this track.

Next is ‘Blind’, a hip song about God’s love. A cover of the hymn ‘It Is Well’ comes up next. It’s mellow but with great vocals. ‘Walking’ which is the first single off the album (released December 2010) is a song that combines turntable beats with fine RnB vocals. The interlude/short track titled ‘Slow walk’ is very innovative and fresh. The honest conversations drive the message straight home to the heart.

For me, it like the album changes after track eight (Survive), like I’m listening to a whole new CD. The last four songs of the album are worth the money for the whole album. They are hip, very different, and musical styles MaryMary don’t really venture into. ‘Are You Ready’ is a pop driven encouragement/ advice letter to all their fans about the place of preparation in achieving one’s dreams. ‘Catch Me’ had me screaming ‘WOW!’ on first listen. Lyrics like ‘even at my best, I’m still my greatest enemy. . .’ would make you take a closer look at the lyrics and press the repeat button. ‘Sitting with me’ is a rock song in the style of Kierra ‘KiKi’ Sheard’s ‘Invisible’ (from her ‘Bold Right Life’ Project). Sounds so much like something Natalie Grant would record on her album. The track centers on a girl who is ostracized for her faith in Jesus Christ, Lovely tune! ‘Homecoming Glory’ has a country flavor (in the style of Point Of Grace) thrown in with some gospel- bluesy vocals. You would love it and would soon be humming along.

The usual is always an artist drawing back and resting on their laurels after releasing something as good as ‘The Sound’. But MaryMary don’t do that. The El Calmino college graduates who studied Voice, former backup singers for Brandy, three times grammy award winning duo, sisters and mothers have gone harder to give us something bigger instead. Go for ‘Something Big’ people, cause this one is something bigger than ‘The Sound’ 😀



  1. These hawt mamas took the leap- without caring what the “christian brothers & sisters” would say about their songs not having too much “take it to church” sound and mentioning Jesus all over the song- dnt get me wrong(at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and…) but they did their thing with a lotta spirit-filled(and soul-searching) jams. Love the title track(good 2 bump in ur hooptie), It is well, walking(everytime its on, i gotta do the 2-step), never wave my flag, and those last 4 songs(esp Sitting With Me)? The best written lyrics they have EVER written(& composed)! Brava!

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