GMA Ireland’s Best Gospel Rapper 2011, Michael ‘Lyrical Soldier’ Agyei will release his first single of the year, ‘Rise Up’ on 20th April 2012.

‘Rise Up’ follows on from the ‘Introduce Me’ EP, the single ‘Unconditional’ featuring Joel Duntin and an alternative version ‘Unconditional (How Great Is His Love)’ featuring Jake Isaac (of I = CHANGE) which saw Lyrical Soldier make a strong impact on the Urban music scene in the UK with the music video being played on mainstream music channels, namely KISS TV who have played the ‘Unconditional’ music video approximately 200 times and has remained on their playlist since November 2011.

‘Rise Up’ features Debbie Okeowo who offers her sleek, rich tone to the song, produced by Luke ‘GKiD’ Grant (Brian Temba, Guvna B, Jahaziel, Ekklesia) whose productions and arrangements have become famous and well-loved around the globe.

“‘Rise Up’ is a powerful song of encouragement to all,” states Lyrical Soldier.

“It’s a reminder that no matter what your circumstances may be; not to let them defeat you by keeping you down. I pray that this song inspires a lot of people to be hopeful about their future.”

“Rise Up’ is Lyrical Soldier’s first song exploring the message of overcoming trials, encouraging the listener to “hold on to the reality of a God who see’s us through,” he explains.

Gaining great notoriety for his unique style and delivery of his music, Lyrical Soldier continues to push the boundaries of what is expected from an ‘Urban’/‘Rap’ artist.

Not just a rapper, Lyrical Soldier is a preacher, singer and a spoken-word poet. In a nutshell, he is the epitome of a Lyrical Evangelist, using his gift to sow seeds of interest (about God) in the minds of all who come into contact with his music with his hard hitting, thought-provoking, soul convicting message.

‘Rise Up’ gives Lyrical Soldier’s fans a taste of what is to come as he is currently working on his debut album ‘The Transition’ due for release later this year.

“‘The Transition’ is all about moving from religion to relationship,” says Lyrical Soldier.

“I’m drawing on the concept of Christianity not being an adjective (describing word) but a verb (action/doing word) and building a relationship with God,” he continues. “After all; it’s not what you know but who you know.”

‘The Transition’ will also feature international artists and see Lyrical Soldier use influences from African music styles to express his rich African heritage. He will also rap in his native tongue of Twi (Ghana) further showcasing his diversity as an artist.

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