Valentines Day would soon be here…I don’t have anything planned due to certain circumstances and situations but I’m sure a lot of you guys do. From previous experiences of Valentines Day, it is a day where I see a lot of couples together and stuff; restaurants are packed, cinemas are full, the streets are jam-packed with a large number of pairs of people, stores have this sort of ‘red’ section where Valentine’s cards are displayed and so on…the day is pretty obvious to identify even if you don’t know about it.

I like the day because it promotes ‘love’ between couples and stuff (plus there are also various benefits like discounts, etc, LOL), and it just seems like a happy day for a lot of people. What I would like to emphasise on is that the ‘romantic’ deeds and endeavours carried out by individuals on Valentines shouldn’t only be carried out on the day. A relationship is something you work on like everyday, and building a relationship involves a reasonable amount of romance in it (I’m talking about serious relationships that are entered in the view of wanting to get married to the person).

For the proportion of us who are single, while you are still searching for someone, start working on yourself now in order to become a better person. There are so many areas in life that we all need God to wash in order to become clean, and this includes areas like patience, manners, tolerance, love, and many more areas that are necessary in being the ideal partner that God wants you to be (although we are not perfect). So while your single, make most of this time, build your own personal/independent relationship with God, make sure you love yourself, and just keep growing.

If you have something planned for Valentines day, have fun and enjoy yourself.

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