Love is the puissant, pleasant antidote

To the bitter noxious poison called hate
Hate, a plague which today fills our planet
Like AIDS in Southern Africa, sadly
Love is an oasis in that desert
Into which our world has been transformed
Love, the real reason the heart beats
Reaching out, seeking what the heart needs
Love is when the heart bleeds
Enough to feed, one or more hungry kids
Love is unity, when you and I tie
Loving each other till you and I die
This time, rhyme is right, love is law
The only one the Creator created
So it is sad that now, love is lore
Tales told of men and women long dead
Love is when strings are detached
Then replaced with chains
Yet you love it all the more
Love is living in bondage,
To freedom to loving without limits
Love is the salt to mixed grill of life
Giving it soul, flavor and taste
The taste of the pudding is in the eating
The taste of the loving is in the giving
The retrieving, of ourselves from the abyss of self
Shelving our prides and prejudices
Like Elizabeth and Darcy,
Then setting our feet upon the hill
Where our lights cannot be hid,
Then showing some love, though not for show
But love itself is a show…of love, to love
Love is what happens when you love…to love.

By ThaLyricalPrimus

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