You do not understand how sick of his bickering I am. I am tired of hearing him criticize my hair cut, the nice one I got at the hair salon last week, he says I spend too much money, too much of my own money. I do not understand where I have gone wrong with this man because I am about to lose my patience quick.

The book of 1st Corinthians tells us that “Love is Patient”. Is love patient? It is supposed to be especially when it is called Love. In this, day and time whereby everything is express, Express mail, Express coffee, Fast food. Everything has to always happen in an instant, patience is a virtue that becomes depleted. In the test of true love, love is patient. It can endure all things no matter how good or bad. Patience is required for a relationship to last a lifetime, it takes time to build patience with people, and a sign of immaturity is impatience.

Sometimes you love someone and they don’t love you back, sometimes you give so much and get nothing back, don’t despair, look to the LOVER OF YOUR SOUL, the one who would give you everything you need when you need it. He is the only one that loves unconditionally without a doubt. Man can fail you but the Lord will definitely not fail you, so rely on 100% of your love from Him and you would be able to give 100% back.

I find so much joy in being a giver, Give 100% of love back to people and be patient.

BY Rose of Sharon OS

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