Hello people, what it do?! As for me, quite a lot of things and one of these things includes being fit! This is personally a sensitive area in my life, lol, because as a young teen, I was fat…and I definitely don’t want to go back to those days. I remember the period when I was like “enough is enough”, so I went on an EXTREME diet which was basically only eating breakfast and lunch (in small portions too), and NOT EATING anything after 3PM!….and lots of water too. As extreme as the diet was, it cultivated extreme fruits as I quickly lost all the weight and basically became a “broomstick” (skinny).

My dad started to notice and told me to stop but I told him I couldn’t. Friends and teachers in secondary school started to notice too and they either had a positive or negative thing to say, but I knew I wanted to be fit. It was another story when my mum came back to Nigeria and saw me…she almost bought me a crate of Supermalt instantly lol! Then from then on, I have kind of maintained the weight. I’m bigger now but in muscle.

Anywho, I definitely don’t think I am the only guy in this generation that is very conscious of how he looks right? This could be in regard to the body, clothes, etc. Like what is currently being said in the media, guys are now more pressured into looking ‘good’, which has probably increased gym memberships (lol), number of men that are now into fashion (I’m one of them), more male grooming products being sold, etc. To me this is actually a good thing in a sense, because I think physical image is something important. I feel we should all look after ourselves and you know….look nice.

It is also good because this has probably reduced pressure off women now that looking good is sort of 50/50 with both sexes. I am currently picturing a man with a huge pot belly, pressuring his wife to lose weight or something (shaking my head).

I think it’s cool when people don’t really care about the outward appearance though (especially when it comes to being with someone), I really respect that…I guess there are bigger things to focus on, but again that’s no excuse for looking ‘bad’ right.

Looking good on the outside is cool, but there is also the inside that should be dealt with too. Now I don’t want to talk about this like it is usually addressed, because it is deeper than that. Basically, we should be cautious when it comes to matters like this because it is easy to get carried away.

Now let me use myself to illustrate the point I want to pass across. I’m personally into fashion yeah, and I used to allow what I wore or even what I did to be a basis of my ‘confidence’, to the extent where I didn’t walk in who I am in Christ…you feel me? It’s good to have a GOOD thing to be confident in, which for me is Christ. The kind of confidence I got just from what I wore didn’t necessarily have good fruits. For example, cockiness, selfishness in a sense, etc, where as confidence IN Christ will NEVER reap such fruits. Confidence is just one of the matters that I used as an example but I’m sure you understand my point right?

There is something I used to do in my first year of University (that I should get back to doing actually). I had a list of things that I was in Christ, and before I go for lectures and stuff in the morning, I used to recite them and dwell on them. This is just an example of how we can walk in the Spirit or know who we are.

So it is good looking nice, but don’t let that become who you are, so hold on tight to your true identity. And fellas…if you’re under 40 and you have a pot belly, SLAP YOURSELF! Lol! I joke. Don’t get carried away by the “outwardness”, especially when it comes to finding your wife, can I get an Amen?!

By Rotimi Ariwoola

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