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So a little bird told me that you are looking for love.

Tell me, what are you looking for?

Tall, Dark, Handsome, Charming, Rich, No pimples….

Tell me what do you desire?

Fair, Full lips, Lovely figure, Long hair, Angel eyes…

Is that all?

An awesome personality.  Yes. Personality has to be on point…

You sure that is all?

She has to know how to cook. And plan surprise parties for me


Good luck with that.


Isn’t it funny. We have this idea of who he is, what she will look like, how he will approach you while you are standing on a queue, how the first time you speak there will be a connection… Aint it funny how our lives never end up like the ones we see in the movies.


In my short stay on this earth, I have learned one thing, I cannot find love. You might disagree with me but it is one of the simple truths of life. Love is not something you go searching for. Love finds you.

Yes I said it. Love finds you.

Whenever you hear the saying “God has your WHOLE life figured out” believe it. Every “little” detail is figured about by God so when He placed you on earth, He automatically knew who you would end up with. When the time is right, He sends someone your way. Someone you may not even know is there because you might be obsessed in chasing a fantasy that we can’t have.

I am not saying it is wrong to have a mental picture of the person you want to be with but working solely with the  mental picture might ruin your chances of ending up with YOUR true love. Yes, everyone has that one person they are supposed to end up with. I strongly believe that. Yes, the divorce rate in some countries are shooting but some couples are celebrating 50 years of marriage.


So I heard you are looking for love, searching for the one…

LADIES: “He who finds a wife…” You will be found by the one you desire. Just hope, wait and trust God to send the one your way. Also, do not be blinded to other guys who don’t fit the mental picture of the guy you want because that guy who you are probably underestimating would probably be so much more than you ever wanted or desired.

FELLAS: Open your eyes and ears and listen to what God is saying about the lady you would take to the altar. It is sometimes hard to see the one God is showing us when all we can see is what you want. Even though you HAVE to be physically attracted to someone, look out for someone that embodies the character of the Proverbs 31 woman and other godly characters.

Finally to everyone, listen to what God is saying. I have realized that entering into relationships without God’s leading usually causes heartache. In addition, you have to know how love to love. God is love and it is by loving him we know how to love others.

Today I decided to stop my quest in the search for love and the perfect partner. That road just leads to unhealthy relationships and heartache. This time I will wait. This time I will pray. This time I will be led.


Besides, I have found the One True Love already… 😉


Till my next post,

I remain, Harry

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Stay Saved

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