As part of the London Fashion Week, a fashion show called Fashion Diversity was held in Angel, London. I was privileged to attend this ‘mini’ fashion show showcasing creative and beautiful designs by up and coming designers based in the UK. The venue sort of had a ‘dark’ and ‘laid back’ feeling to it, with people seated at both sides of the runway and people in front of it like I was.

Although I arrived late, I was still able to view the collections of designers like Amakateur, Black, Chechia London, BB Graffiti and Patrick Kevin, and most of these designers had collections for both male and female wears. Most of the designers were young, which is a motivation on it’s own for those who desire to create their own collections and have a clothing line of their own.

Viewing the collection, personally, I was happy that I didn’t see the ‘usual clothes’ too much, as the outfits were quite different and unique, especially with BB Graffiti. For Menswear, there were quite a few varieties of clothing like herma trousers, chinos, trousers, blazers, suits, jeans, waistcoats, sportswear, and the list goes on. All these were provided with different cuts, textures, patterns and designs portraying the vision of the designers.

The women’s wear showcased had many designs, cuts, styles, patterns and textures, and most outfits were dresses, signifying that most of the outfits were outwear (clothes for going out).



Chechia London

BB Graffiti

Patrick Kevin

This article was written by our Fashion Editor, Rotimi Ariwoola.

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