Lemme re-introduce myself, my name is Hov… lol, joking. Hey guys I just want to introduce myself to you y’all.  My name is Rotimi Ariwoola from Nigeria, Osun state *thumbs up*. I’m currently in university level (last year) studying Business Economics (Economics is a nice subject, if your thinking of studying it, I’ll advice u too, but it requires quite a lot of reading).

I’m born again and have been for about for over 6 years now. My road to salvation started when I began my secondary education in a Christian school in Nigeria, I learnt quite a lot about the saviour and from then I gave my life to Christ. The thing is, when you truly give your life to Christ, no matter how you backslide, He will surely finish the work He has started in you. Typing this, I was about to say I have been born again for 3 years (which is when I really started to take it seriously) but then again, I gave my life to Him ages before that, so He had already started the work in me Amen!

As I have grown up, I have known myself more and more, with fluctuating interests and motivations and so on. But now, I am a guy who seeks the heart of the Lord (also so He can transform me) and wants to please Him and wants people to know the Lord. I’m interested in Business as per working for organisations, owning properties, and just being a business man really. I am also very interested in fashion….I like good clothes, looking good, and I’m interested in people with the same view.

I don’t really have a specific style, I just like what looks good in my own eyes. I get influenced by observing what others wear and viewing the styles and collections of good designers. One of the best designers to me personally is Dolce and Gabbana…their styling and clothes are just too good.  There are many others actually, but I don’t really remember their names, as I just really look at the clothes.  I like shoes!

I’m also into following the careers of models (female models to be precise) of my interest. This interest came up probably like 2 years ago as I first laid my eyes on a model called Journdan Dunn who I’m in love with lol! I followed her career, and since then, I have been into the whole model thing. I’ll also like to add that over the past years, the modelling industry has been featuring more black, and other ethnicities more than ever before in their work. So I’m into editorials, photo shoots, magazine covers, etc.

I also like to make people laugh, lol! I have a strange sense of humour and people don’t really know I’m the type that likes to make people laugh unless they know me or hang out with me…or read my twitter I guess….. Because I’m most of the time quiet. Oh yeah and I like food *thumbs up*!!!

So as you get too see more of my posts and stuff, you’ll get to know me more.

I have a blog: www.thingsilike-rotex.blogspot.com

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