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The Seed Company, the world’s fastest-growing Bible translation organization, today announced the Least of These initiative, designed to translate the Word of God for the world’s most marginalized people. Of the more than 2,000 languages still without any Scripture, 1,240 have 10,000 or fewer speakers. Most live in remote or inhospitable regions; all are without God’s Word in their language.

The Seed Company, along with its global partnership base, is making an all-out effort to enlist the support of Christians across America. Many Least of These projects are already underway and others are ready to begin or expand, but they need support to do so. To maximize this support, The Bolthouse Foundation will match every Least of These donation from any church-related group.

“Translation projects focusing on large people groups have traditionally received more attention,” said Roy Peterson, president and CEO of The Seed Company. “However, the needs of smaller populations are just as great and include a variety of unique challenges, from political and religious oppression to geographic and cultural isolation.”

“God has called churches everywhere to do what He has asked us to do … complete the Great Commission,” said Alistair Begg, pastor and host of the national weekly radio program, Truth for Life. Best-selling author and pastor Francis Chan agrees. “If just 2,000 churches sponsor one language each … we can get the Word of God to every people group on Earth in this generation,” Chan said.

Teams are currently in place on six continents, using technologies and strategies to accelerate the translation process faster than ever. Churches and church-based groups are specifically invited to support the Least of These. This includes Bible study groups, women’s, men’s or youth groups, VBS and Sunday school classes. Churches and groups can support specific translation projects with ongoing investments or make a one-time gift. All contributions will be matched dollar-for-dollar, no matter the size or scope of support.

The Seed Company has developed Least of These resources to provide an overview for church groups including videos, printed materials and project details. For more information, see, or email

About The Seed Company The Seed Company, a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate, was founded in 1993 to accelerate the pace of Bible translation and involve more local people in the process. The organization uses a wide network of people, partners and technology in Bible translation projects that span six continents. For more information, please see


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