Author- Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Title- Kiss

Genre- Suspense

Publisher- Thomas Nelson

Year Published – 2008

Remember you were slaves in Egypt . . . . . . . – Deuteronomy 16:12

Ted Dekker’s new work with veteran editor Erin Healy (Now author) ‘Kiss’ ask us all a vital question hidden between its intrigue and suspense. If you had a chance to wipe out all that happened in your past, would you? It’s a very important one and tricky at best. Some might answer yes, few might answer no and others unsure. The pages of ‘Kiss’ are woven in suspense and biblical truth on how one’s past can turned to be the manifestation of God’s glory to a hurting and dark world.

Meet Shauna, a lady with a past some would do anything even kill to bury. She’s given two options ; to live a lie or die with the truth. Which would she choose? Meet Khai, a woman who lost ‘everything’ she ever held dear but still chooses to hold on to the things that matter most. Determined to let her light pierce the present darkness situations have placed around her. Meet Wayne Spade, Shauna’s only lifeline in her new world and the only death she’s ever experienced to a world she longs to remember. A killer or a healer. Who really is he? Shauna finds a name ‘Sabueso’ that sparks a memory she can’t remember on several mail papers. Who is ‘Sabueso’?, who really is Wayne?, Who is Shauna, the lady unraveling so much that is better left buried by some as she searches for identity?

With the relational drama of Karen Kingsbury, the unpredictability of Angela Hunt, the spiritual warfare of Frank Perretti and the signature suspense of Ted Dekker, Erin Healy and Ted Dekker deliver another addition to the Dekker Mystery collection (Blink, Blessed Child) filled with non-stop suspense, romance, politics, scandals and biblical truths like never before. This one is packed! Take that from me. And one thing is for sure after reading ‘Kiss’. You sure wouldn’t just want to kiss the past goodbye but it would be a call to embrace the past so that the Mighty one can take it and use it for his glory.

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