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I am blushing honestly. I have been doing that for a while. If you know what happened yesterday you will feel me TOTALLY! Boma Akpofure is AMAZING! Even though I know Bola had to have planned the whole taking her home part, I cannot deny the fact that I actually enjoyed my time out with her. The girl is simply amazing! I am in LOVE! You might say it is too early to love but please, Christ loved the church before the church dreamt of showing him a tiny bit of affection.

Eph 5:25- Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

OK. Maybe I am not her husband but I may be one day. GOSH! I sound like Bola. Am I obsessing? Do you think I am infatuated? Honestly I have never ever felt like this before. Maybe it’s because I have liked Boma for like forever. Anyways, less talk… a recap on last night.


I go back to where Boma is sitting and immediately she hands me the keys
“I presume you know you are taking me home today?” she tells me
“Yep. Bola sent me a text”
“OK. Let’s go then”
“Now?” I asked. OK? What was I thinking?
“Yes. Everyone has left. Or do you want to stay?”
“No oh! I am fine. I think I have ‘partied’ enough for one night
“OK” She laughs as she stands up and makes her way to the exit of the club as I follow behind.


We get into the car and HONESTLY I am a nervous wreck. I mean its Boma. What was Bola thinking? Driving Boma home was different from driving anyone home. I mean IT IS BOMA! I know I have said that again but IT IS BOMA!!!!!!!!!
“Bolu?” Boma calls my name, bringing me back to reality
“Yes” I answer. The answer sounded more like a whisper
“I think it is the part where you start the car. The key has been in the ignition for a while”
“Oh. Right. OK. Here we go” I was about to start the car when I remembered that I had no clue where Boma lived
“Umm Boma?” I asked her. Why does my voice sound so frail? I am not a frail person.
“Yes?” she replied me again. She was looking into my eyes. I wanted to MELT!
“Where do you live?” I asked her. I was staring at the car keys by the way.
“Gwarinpa? You mean you come all the way from Gwarinpa?”
“Yep. The suite life of Boma!”
“OK” She actually got me laughing.
“Just drive. I will give you directions to my crib when we get to Gwarinpa. Aite?”
“OK” I start the car and begin to drive


We were almost arriving at Boma’s house and we are talking. Having a real conversation and laughing. I just told her my one time dream to be Michael Jackson when I was 10. Only Bola knew about it and trust me ONLY her knew.
“Are you serious? To actually think that you could do the moon walk at one point of your life. You are not that bad after all Boluwatife Kehinde Abayomi-Coker” Boma said as we were laughing. She looks very amazing when she smiles.
“So you know my full name?” I asked her
“Your TWIN sister is my BFF. I am expected to know everything about the Abayomi-Coker’s” She told me
“So why did you give up dancing?”
“It was a childhood dream I had. My dancing era is long gone”
“Really? I think that you have just lost your moves”
“I could never lose my moves” I told her
“I challenge you to a dance battle and this is the part where you take a left. My house is down the street”
I looked at her and burst out laughing and turned back to face the road still grinning to myself.
“OK what?” she asks me
“I agree. My house. 5 pm tomorrow. My house” I tell her
“No. You will have home advantage. Dance studio. Music Department. 5pm. Be on time” she said. The girl s so determined.
“OK” I told her. We approach a black and white gate and Boma tells me that’s her house. I park in front of the house.
“So… here we are” I tell her
“It was nice talking to you. You still got a lil’ bit of cool in you. Guess Bola was right” She said and all I could do was smile.
“Goodnight Bolu” she said and before I knew what was happening she planted a kiss on my cheek and bolted out the car and all I could do was shout good night to her shadow.

So here I am now. I am going to have to leave the office early. At least the other IT staff will be happy that at least I am not forming efficient today. I know it will be wired going to school to go and dance when you are supposed to be on IT but please jo… Boma calls.



My brother has hit the JACKPOT! Yes oh! My brother is balling tight! And yes… Boma likes him. It is so obvious. At least from the gist he gave me and for the fact that he will leave his IT work and come to school to come for a dance comp with a girl. This is so cool. I know it is weird for a person to encourage your BFF going out with your brother but please… it’s Bolu. It means there is hope for is social skills and even if they don’t end up together, Boma will rub off on him a little, but please oh… they should end up together. They will be perfect for each other and they are very wonderful, beautiful, nice people with a heart as pure as a dove. (OK, I am not sure a dove is pure but whatever)

Fola Carter is the bomb. I am hooked on him for sure. After we left the club we just drove to his house and honestly his house his fine. After meeting his siblings (his folks were not around), he took me to another building in the house. Somehow we got on the roof of that building and there were lounge chairs there. I was surprised but he told me to relax. After we were comfortable, he told me to look at the stars. Didn’t get the concept until he told me to count them. I started but I couldn’t. He then looks me in the eyes and tells me that the same way I can’t count the stars is the way his love for me cannot be counted (Bolu says what he said does not make sense. I told him “at least Fola says something”).

He went further to say that the love he has for me cannot be measured and that no mortal mind can comprehend the intensity and depth of it. The boy is amazing. He then gets down on his knees and brings out a PROMISE RING!!! My baby gave me a promise ring. Please don’t hate on me. After that we made out till…

Anyways, I am in class now listening to my lecturer blab about how the global economic crisis is affecting the Nigerian economy. Who cares about the Nigerian economy when there is Fola Carter? In crisis, in poverty, in famine, in pain, in suffering, in everything, I will be OK if he is with me. He is all I need right now. I know he loves me, he told me… I mean the way he kisses me and his smile… or the way he holds me… the way he is always looking out for me. Please oh… I AM SO IN LOVE!!! I have to go now. I think I should start writing poetry. Maybe Bolu could give me a few pointers. Let me try and write a poem for Fola though.


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