I am so happy nothing can kill my joy. Can you believe it? I won best fashion designer at the recently concluded Nigerian Fashion Week. I know all ’em haters will start hating but really… you had to have been there. Urban Bohemian tore the place up. And you should have seen our cover girl… the ever spectacular Boma… The girl sure knows how to strut her stuff on the runway. I thought the show as gonna be a disaster at first but it all worked out. Thank you Jesus! And Bolu modelled…yes oh! My introverted reclusive brother was on the runway. It was so cool to finally see him do something very different…adding that my brother is a hottie.

Speaking of hotties, guess who else was an emergency model for Urban Bohemian. Yes yours truly and her cute sexy boyfriend, Fola Carter. Yea… when Fola walked on that stage… EVERYONE and I mean EVERY INDIVIDUAL knew someone was on that runway. Girls were screaming and guys were covering the eyes of their girlfriends. I am blessed I know that. I love you Lord!

I am applying finishing touches to my makeup. We are back in Abuja and I am taking everybody out to celebrate, Bolu included. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. Dele and I had to cajole him and beg and beg so yes, my brother agreed to come. I am so excited right now and nothing can kill my joy.


I can’t believe I agreed to come out tonight. What was I thinking? This is not how I roll at all. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Fola and Bola are just lost in their conversation of whatever… Boma and Dele went to dance and somehow I have not seen them since so here I am…just looking around. I am only here ’cause of my sister… I am happy that she has something to be grateful for. OMG! Boma’s coming…

“Hey Bolu! Having fun?” Boma asks me as she takes a seat opposite me.
“It’s OK” I say….I am staring at the table
“OK? Is everything alright?”She asks me
“Yea” I look at her now. Lord have mercy! The girl is FINE! OMG! I dont wanna commit lust.
“If you say so. We have not had a decent converstaion in years Bolu”
“We have not?”
“Please… Dont act all suprised. You know it yourself. Anytime I try to strike a conversation you end up cutting it short’
“I dont do it on purpose. I am sorry”
“It’s OK. So gimme gist. What’s up with you?”
I am blank… What IS up with me?
“Nothing?”I look at her and she gave me the is he ok? look
“Really?” She said as she raised an eyebrow. I think it’s getting hot in here
“Are you hot?”I said
“No. Is this place hot?” I asked her… I feel sick
“It’s fine. Are you OK?” She touches my hand
“Excuse me” I have to go to the bathroom

10 minutes later

I am here in the bathroom. I just ruined another conversation with Boma. I need help. Send me help Lord…please…There’s a message from Bola on my phone..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hey!U re gon ve 2 take Boma home. I dropped the car keys with her. I am leavin with Fola. Dele’s left already. See u soon. 143

OK… you have got to be kidding me.

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