The weekend was so awesome. Gosh. I have not recovered from all that went down. First, it was Friday night at 24/7. I always look forward to ladies night with Boma. We know how to end up tearing the place up. Anyways, Saturday was another amazing extra ordinary day. Fola and I went swimming and gosh… he does have a good body. We had fun and we also got talking, although I caught him licking his lips at my body a few times but I really don’t care. It just means that he finds me very extraordinarily attractive.

When we left the pool, we then went to have ice cream at Grand square. There, we ran into Chidi, my very first boyfriend and I have to admit he looked HOT! Forgive me if you think it is lust but I am only stating the obvious. The boy has always been a hottie so… I introduced him to Fola, emphasizing the fact that he was my boyfriend. Chidi actually dumped me for popular Nigerian teenage singer, Omada. Rumour has it that Omada actually dumped him for some one else. Honestly, I am so happy she dumped his sorry ass. I mean, we were dating since before Urban Bohemian. After, I got a little fame, he then took advantage of the glamorous life, met all the people he could met and broke up with me. He hurt me real bad and to think that he was my first love. Well, who says nothing compares to your first true love? You got that wrong Mariah.

Back to the story, so Chidi looked at me in disbelief because he knew somewhere that he was not as hot as Fola. Not even in is wildest dreams. Anyways, they did the ‘guy’ thing and he left and went to another aisle. I could not help grinning to myself.

The only downside of this story was what happened Saturday night and I was on the phone with Fola and we were talking and talking. After an hour, I told him I wanted to hang up ’cause I had to go and get ready for church. And the next thing, he’s like oh, so you take the church thing seriously. I felt so embarrassed. i then asked him what his religion was and he was like he was atheist. Honestly, I was in shock. An atheist? I was confused. I may not sound it but I take my Christianity seriously. I think? That was not the point. What will Bolu think? What will happen when we want to get married and I want to have my Pentecostal pastor officiate the wedding because from the conversation after that he said that religion is just one of man’s inventions to control people and that the worst set are the pentecostal Christians. The only thing was that he said it wont hinder our relationship and that soon I will see things from his own point of view.

I am confused honestly. I really don’t know what to do. I told Boma and she was like I should just free the whole thing and that the most important thing is that he loves me. It’s just that my pastor just had to preach the message on being unequally yoked with unbelievers.

It’s Monday and I am in class. I will figure something out, that I know for sure.


P.S- I am so not speaking to Bolu


What is Bola’s deal? That girl is just a spoilt annoying irritating thing who thinks the world revolves around her big head ’cause she writes cheques with a whole lot of zeros. I obviously don’t mean what I just said but it does not change the fact that I am annoyed with her.

OK. She went clubbing on Friday night. No problem but then she comes home at 4.00 am in the morning and then leaves the house at 9.oo am. I don’t say anything even though that is irresponsibility of the HIGHEST ORDER!!! Then mum calls and is crying. Apparently, my sister promised to call our parents and give them information on her result. Since she didn’t do it mum calls me to ask me how the result was and I cant tell ’cause my sister told me not to and mum starts saying how my sister has changed and has began to conform to the things of this world. Mum then begs me to please give her an update and I have to convince my mum that the best person to speak to was her daughter.

My darling sister comes back at 6.00pm and I try to be nice to her when obviously I am hating her guts. She gives me attitude and tells me she has to go call Boma, Dele and Fola. I then tell her its important and she tells me it can wait. you can just imagine? I get upset and I start shouting on her, telling her how she has to realize that she has to be accountable to some people and that her life is not solely hers. I tell her about mum’s call and she says “mum is not paying the fees. I am telling her ’cause I think she deserves to know and I love her” That was the straw that broke the camels back and we got into a heated argument.

The next day, I tried to make peace with her but instead she drove to church and left me behind. I had an empty wallet so I missed church. Thanks to her. She then comes back and goes she forgives me and that the pastor’s message moved her to forgive me. I felt like giving her the slap of her life. I just walked into my room and ignored her presence.

Now it’s Monday, I raided my room and I found 500 Naira. I am at the back now trying to withdraw money and trust me, Bola is going to pay. She should learn to stop disrespecting me because she has money and ’cause I live in her house. I could easily move out and mum and dad can pay my rent. Gosh, the girl annoys me. i need to cool off. I will hola ltr.


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