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OMG! I am so so so so so so so so in LOVE!!! I know you are probably wondering what is up with this chic… the thing is I am in love. I finally found the guy of my dreams. OK. Suck it up girl. OK.
So, I am at a party at Hauwa’s house and there he is. Suave, cute, clean shaved, nice crew cut, caramel complexion, amazing smile, BROWN EYES! He is everything a girl needs and when he said hi… gosh! I wanted to melt. We got talking and I managed to play it cool. He was happy to meet the girl behind Urban Bohemian. I was extremely flattered. If you don’t know, I am happy to tell you that my fashion line, Urban Bohemian is like the one of the most successful fashion lines in Nigeria and probably the most popular in my school. Everybody has something from the Urban Bohemian line. Whether it’s a bag or shoe or hat. Yes, everybody. I design clothes for guys too.

Back to my story, so we kept talking and I was like blushing the whole time. To cut the long story short, he asked me out on a date and I said yes. I mean he is Fola Carter. He recently transferred to our school and girls have been dying to go out with him and here he is. Let us not forget the fact that his dad was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Anyways, he takes me to this Chinese restaurant outside campus. It was an amazing experience. We talked and he made me laugh the whole time. And of course, his smile… Oh I can’t explain it. We then left the restaurant and decided to get some ice cream. That was fun too and he bought me N2, 000.00, ice cream. (My mum must NEVER hear I wasted N2, 000.00 on ice cream). He then drove me to my house (that I happen to share with my brother). There he asked me to be his girlfriend and DUH! I said yes… He then gave me the kiss of my life. Considering the fact that all the time I have been kissed, I had to teach the guys involved… but this…this was amazing. We said our goodbyes and I blushed all the way.



BOLU 001

Bola is so annoying me right now. Who does she think she is? The last time I checked the world doesn’t revolve around her head! All because of Fola Carter. That guy is the world’s greatest player. I pray God opens her eyes to see him for the guy he really is. And he kissed her. He actually kissed her. Can you imagine that? I have begged this girl to save her first kiss for the guy she will spend the rest of her life with. Anyways, she said she was going to spend the rest of her life with him and that he is forever. That was what she said about Chidi and Kevwe and Farouk and George and Jerry and Efosa. At least, lets thank God she is saving sex for marriage if not… it would be a different story.

I love my sister don’t get me wrong but I care for her. The thing is that her life is on the fast lane. She has huge money in the bank, has cool friends, is always in the pages of various magazines and was recently on the cover of Sizzle, the largest youth magazine in West Africa. She has designed clothes for artistes on the red carpet. She is always at the award shows so I don’t expect anything less. I am just worried for her. I don’t want to see her get hurt. She just keeps making the same mistake over and over again. This is the seventh guy asking her out at the end of the first date and she is saying yes. Immma pray for her.

You might think I am beefing her because my life is not like hers but that’s not true. I love my sister and even though we are different and she is paying the bills in the house, I love her all the same. God made me her brother so I can pray for her and put sanity in her head ‘cause without me, the girl is gonna go wild.

I will take a pause here. Bola and I are about to watch ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Peace out!

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