I really tried to tone down the title but nothing seem to fit so I finally settled for this, cool right? lol. So this was the story that sparked up my interest in this subject and I really hope it gets your attention to cause it’s the insignificant acts that we think we can get away with that leave a greater impact.It all started with a 53-years-old man. As he usually does, he took the highway home but unfortunately his minivan smashed into a car this certain day, setting off a chain reaction that included three other cars and a Community Transit bus, which was carrying 28 passengers. You can only guess what he was doing to have lost concentration, yes you guessed right, fiddling with his BlackBerry while driving…like most of you do. If you think this accident was just one case, listen to this, back in 2008 at any one moment in time there were over 800,000 Americans( I searched but couldn’t get the figure of that for Nigerians, sad right?) who were texting, making a call or using a cell phone when driving during the daytime and that was before the upsurge of bb users( imagine what that figure will be like now). Sadly, this led to a total of about 6,000 Americans killed by distracted driving in the same year making it no mystery that cell phone use is a potential fatal risk for drivers anytime they reach for and pick up their phone or check who pinged when driving. Statistics conclude that driver distraction is now the #1 cause of automobile accidents. I will tell another story for emphasis sake, the one person that is expected to uphold the law and reprimand those flaunting was caught for the same crime. Just this week in a certain area I wouldn’t mention and a certain chief of police I won’t name was in a minor car accident in his unmarked police car because he was checking his BlackBerry device at the time. Imagine that!

Take a look at the above picture. The woman is texting while crossing the street with her child. Yes, you might say she is not using a blackberry but this is the perfect example of what we do. We are busy “pinging” away on major roads. And No, you are not that lucky to avoid those accidents if you don’t desist from bad habits, bad driving habits. It’s tempting to just check but I think a life should be more tempting to quote from an unknown friend as regards suicide, One doesn’t simply say to a healthy, vital man “Have you considered the advantages of being dead lately?” One must be indirect. One must give one’s target a taste for death, introduce him first to the little deaths, the caesuras of reason that numb the conscience and erode the soul. Drunkenness. Drugs. Immersion in an unthinking mob. Spectacles of destruction and animalistic displays of lust. The sacrifice of the unborn. Or the use of the BLACKBERRYwhile driving. So my advice to you is simply this, don’t commit suicide, wait till you get to your destination or just pack if you really wanna use that BB.

So watch out for the top 10 blackberry accidents in the second installment of the Killer BlackBerry series and also a guide on how to effectively use your BlackBerry device do you can avoid unnecessary accidents …

By Bunmi Obanawu

Image gotten from: http://iamqeel.blogspot.com/2009/02/dangerous-handphone.html


  1. I told them but they wouldnt listen and it gets worse.i even heard there is this ailment of the thumb.Because the thumb aint meant for all that texting.So pls spread d word,I just Did.

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