Once again our journey through your closet series continues. This is part three so if you have missed out on the past two articles please look it up in the Yada Archives. Today, I’m going to be talking about Jeans. I don’t mean the material I mean the single pair of trousers that seems to go with everything. It can be dressed up and dressed down.

There are three key things you need to remember about jeans:

  1. They should be the right length. The model’s jeans are the perfect length
  2. They should be the right fit. The model in this shoot chose skinny jeans
  3. They should be the right shade. The model chose navy and black jeans. I would argue that every woman looks good in a nice pair of black jeans.

If you are going out and you want to dress up your jeans, put on a pair of heels as our model did in two of our shoots. For a more casual look go for a t-shirt but spice it up check out the t-shirt our model wore for her casual shoot. You can try a dressy top, a corset, a tank top and a blazer, the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

So, next time before you go shopping, take a look once more in your closet at what you have to with and the various ways you could wear what you already have. You can look stylish without breaking the bank. Besides, greed is a very bad trait we learn this from the bible and many times less is actually more. When you do go shopping though make sure you get yourself a nice new pair of jeans. Get tops that match the shade of the jeans you already have at home and if the jeans you want to buy don’t have the right fit just say no.



Have a great day.


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