We are women and we all have our accessories. We have our bags, our shoes, our belts and yet we think we have nothing to wear in our closet because we seem to have worn it all before. In that case, have I got news for you, your accessories can complement your outfit so well that it looks like another outfit entirely.

Victoria Beckham is a great example of someone who really takes advantage of her accessories. She has lovely bags that would catch any woman’s eye as she walks by.  Beyonce does well with her accessories too and I believe in her picture, the accessories really helped make the outfit.



What I’m going to do now is with the help of my model, show you how accessories can complement three outfits. Here we go…


Accessories can make or break your outfit, so invest in some signature pieces today.  From sunglasses to handbags, cute fashionable scarves to hot shoes, you can go wild and buy a variety of colours and styles. If you put them together right you really can’t go wrong just keep in mind these tips;

  • You don’t need to always match your bag with your shoes, try to be a little bit unconventional.
  • Two or more primary colours do not match, it is very difficult to pull off wearing so many primary colours in one look unless it’s a print.
  • If your dress is very busy, why not try some plain and stylish shoes.
  • If you are wearing all black why not inject some colour into the outfit with a bright belt.
  • Do not over accessorize, remember what they say… less is more


Keep this in mind ladies and let your imaginations go wild as you accessorize today.

Have a great day.









Images from: Just Jared, Matrix Photos, Slickwalk.com


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