Artist- Jeremy Camp

Album- We Cry Out: The Worship Project

Label- BEC Recordings

Street date- August 24, 2010

Album length- 11 tracks: 50 minutes, 10 seconds

Genre- Rock

IPod pick- Jesus Saves

Jeremy Camp’s second worship project sounds indeed like something already heard. My opinion, Strictly mine. But don’t blame me. I’m a big fan of Camp. I have followed him since his debut ‘stay’. The thing about his music is that he’s got a signature sound. He‘s rock is so distinguished and flavoured. You would know it if it’s being played on radio without his name being mentioned. This uniqueness has amassed so much fans for Jeremy camp and even Christian contemporary music over the years.

The first thing that made me roll my eyes on ‘We Cry Out’ was seeing ‘Mighty to Save’ on the track list. Please this same song has been recorded by more than 20 artistes (after 2006 when Hillsong first recorded the song). And guess what, Jeremy sings it as plain and normally arranged as it comes. Popular worship songs (which you would be familiar with if you frequent the worship music shelf) like ‘Never Let Go’ and ‘Everlasting God’ also surface on the album. There are a couple of outstanding tracks on the album though. ‘Not Ashamed’ (which I think is the strongest track on the album lyrically and musically) and ‘Jesus Saves’ are radio ready tracks with easy to learn lyrics that you would soon want to learn.

The album closes with ‘Unrestrained’  and ‘King Jesus’, beautiful songs that talks about surrender to our Lord and Saviour. Long time fans of Jeremy Camp and Worship Music wouldn’t mind picking the new Jeremy Camp’s Worship Project to add to their archive. It would help if new fans taste the Jeremy Camp’s flavor on albums like ‘Restored’ or ‘Beyond Measure’ before visiting this one.

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  1. I love Jeremy Camp
    I sing ‘This man’ everyday
    He speaks of Jesus and makes
    Him look like my brother or a male friend
    and then it strikes me
    Jesus was a man like any other
    but He was God
    and we can be the same any day we

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