Most of us would know Je’kob Washington from the awesome Hip Hop band The Washington Projects and the family group Souljahz. Well this 29 year old hip hop artiste and producer as emerged with his debut solo album and guess what? He is giving it to you for free.

The album titled ‘Minor Setbacks for Major Comeups”  is an appetizer and a preparation for his major solo album that will be dropping in the middle of 2011. Already bumping tracks from the album, his music is “hip hop” meets “soul” and  a little of R & B on the side. With production credits from Kajmir Royale, Marty and Luke Witherspoon amongst others, the songs are lyrically on point and well mastered. Other artists featured on the album are Ruslan of the Breax, Kingston Carter, B.Stille of  Nappy Roots and Nena Lockhart.

The theme of the album revolves around love and faith. Je’kob also draws us into his world through the music as he talks about his passion for music and how he is going to be on top of his game. Songs that stand out in the 11 track record are “All My Friends”, “Hater’s Anthem” “Anywhere you like”, “The rescue” and “It aint easy” which is my personal favourite.

To download the album visit his website and also watch out for a full interview and standard album review here.

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