You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

New International Version (NIV)

Some people will go their whole lives missing out on the fruits of Jer 29:13 simply because they fail to focus on the operative word in the verse – “WHOLEHEARTEDLY”. I know so many people, some very close friends, who are in a constant battle with placing their faith in God because they use their bible as a paperweight, instead of actually opening it up. If I’m studying a book or subject wholeheartedly, it’s an inevitable fact that I will understand it far better when I’m done studying it, than when I first began. (Matthew 6:21) “Where your treasure is, is where your heart lies”, does not only apply to the foolishness of chasing wealth, but to where, & how we spend the most precious gift we’ve ever been given….Our time.

We can talk & debate until we’re blue in the face about what’s right & wrong from our humanistic, & incredibly diverse viewpoints, which by the way will naturally change with each culture over time. But these conversations are like resounding gongs, or clanging cymbals without the knowledge of God, & His Love (1 Corinthians 13:13). The way God desires, & instructs us in His word to live, is for our own protection from our imperfection, & is based solely upon His intimate knowledge of us, & His infinitely deep Love for us.

For those who are on the fence,

It is impossible to seek God wholeheartedly, and at the same time, spend less than 1 minute a day, week, month, or year for many, reading, & studying His word. (John 1:14) “His word became flesh”. It is not just the best selling history book of all time. Jesus is not just the most influential character to ever have walked the earth. To know God, is to spend time with Him. Unlike His disciples, we cannot physically walk side by side with Him in human form. But we CAN physically walk with His word. We CAN physically hide His words & teachings in our hearts (Psalms 119:11). He lives, & works through those who put their trust in Him. Through all of the darkness that we will go through on this earth, His word is the light that CANNOT be drowned out. How foolish is a man to judge God, if he hasn’t taken the time to lose his self righteous predispositions about Him, & actually begin to get to know Him? Death starts with pride / Life begins with humility.

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