I talked to a black man yesterday who didn’t even know what the term “Abolitionist” meant, & another the day before that. It’s tragic to me that more African Americans do not see the vivid parallel between Slavery & Abortion. Our history is deep & rich with human rights issues being completely trampled on.

We forget so quickly that slavery at one dark point in our recent history was not considered a human rights issue. Slaves were considered sub human, & simply put, “Property” of which slave masters could do as thou wilt. And all the many abolitionists of whom we, including (President Obama), owe our very freedom to, were scorned & ridiculed daily on our behalf. Some murdered for the cause. This wasn’t a box office movie called “Amazing Grace”, or a best selling book called “Roots”. It was a reality for all of our ancestors in America, on both sides of the fence. Emotions are like the wind, & they shift and sway with every change in the weather around us. We cannot as a nation continue to make decisions, or pass laws based simply on human emotion.

If the gift of logic & reason that has been instilled in us as humans, is not the most important part of the equation, especially in cases that deal with the rights of others human beings, than it’s quite easy for men to make a case for slavery, or Nazi war camps all over again. History only has the chance to rear it’s ugly head up & repeat itself, when we choose to forget it.


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