Album – Hold Me
Label – Gotee Records
Street Date – February 22, 2011
Album Length – 4 Tracks: 13 minutes, 26 seconds
Genre – Pop/ Hip Hop/ RnB/ Acoustic
IPod Pick – One Song At A Time (Feat. GabeReal Of Diverse City)

I came across Jamie first on the iShine show. Instantly I was captivated by her poise. She was just so fab and cool. I never knew she could do great music. Her first album/EP has proven me wrong. Jamie doesn’t just have a poise to be admired but also a great rare sound that is worth rooting for.

Really, Jamie’s sound can be hard to describe. Something that sounds like Jason Mraz teaming up with Timbaland, the beautiful acoustics thrown in with cool Pop influenced beats tinged with RnB. But in a sense it’s beautiful and unique.

The first track ‘Hold me’ features veteran artist TobyMac and it’s a song that talks about God’s love with very real lyrics everyone can relate to. A cover of DC Talk’s ‘Into Jesus’ comes next. Wow! I really think it’s brave for a new artist to cover a song by Artists who have sung classics and have a name, but she does it well, staying true to the original and still adding her own flavor. My favorite comes next ‘One Song At A Time’. It’s a groovy beach fun song with God centered lyrics. You would be moving from the intro. It’s a lovely tune and a smile would surely rise on your face as Jamie sings ‘The sun came out just for me today. It took the clouds of life and blew them all away . . .’. The song is beautiful in its entirety

The EP closes with the thoughtful and moving ballad ‘Holding On’. I love the way she handles this song with a new side of her we don’t really see all through the album. You would love it!

Jamie Grace, the 19 year-old singer- songwriter who was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the age of eleven and cites artists like Group1Crew, Audio Adrenaline, Johnny Cash, Mahalia Jackson, Ayiesha Woods, MOC, DC Talk, B. Reith among many others as her music influence and Amanda Bynes as one of her acting influence has obviously stepped out to walk on her water as she offers the world this EP with a strong voice. Embrace it people, it’s good beyond words and beyond that her life message might just make you rethink your own life again.

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