Artist- Jade Harrell
Album- Class Reject
Label- Revolution art
Street date- June 02, 2009.
Album length- 13 tracks. 39.9 Minutes.
Genre- R n B/Hip hop/Dancehall/Rock/Pop
IPod pick- Me and My Radio

The church choir all over the world is known to produce great vocalists (Brandy Norwood, Whitney Houston, Corrine Bailey Rae, Jessica Simpson) that have made an impact on mainstream music over the years. Ladies from the choir have something in common, a strong and passionate voice and a high display of their knowledge of music in their work. New comer Jade Harrell, who was ‘hijacked’ after the members of G.R.I.T.S (Coffee and Bonafide) discovered her talent while singing in her home church some years back, doesn’t fail to deliver that and more.
‘I see the world as a big class room’ says 19 years old Jade. ‘And because I am a Christian, as well as a strong advocate for abstinence until marriage, I’m automatically rejected by most of the world. That’s not how the world does it’. One thing that stands this album out is the electrifying beats. Radio ready tracks (‘Into the Music’, ‘Addicted’, and ‘Me and my Radio’) would get you on your feet with enough grooves to make you sweat. ‘Beauty’ Worship moments (‘King of my Heart’) aren’t left out. The album features rich alto vocalist Ayiesha woods on the Kylie Minogue styled ‘Who you Are’. You would not know when you would start your break dance on this track. Finally, the album shocker is the retro styled ‘Don’t Leave’. Which would make you double check your music player to make sure you have not mistakenly switched to a radio station in the 80’s. Jade delivers classic Motown style on this track.
After all ‘class reject’ wouldn’t be rejected by music lovers who are fascinated by good beats and a message that lingers on long after you’ve pressed the stop button. Jade Harrell has come to stay and would be around for a very long time. Be rest assured about that!


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