Trubreed is an exceptional talented group possessing a deep pact ”Koinonia” with the Most High God.

A band with a unique combination of talents, attitude and style. This dynamic set of talents, with the mission to transform the lives of many especially the youth of our day, and emerging as one of the fast growing group in the music industry.

With a blend of hip hop and soul, we intend to inspire truth and bring good music to your souls and in every aspect of your daily living.

The group was officially formed by Mbuotidem Johnson and Rodney Abia fondly called “7 n Q” in 2007.

Since then they have been rocking shows underground. Their music contains no vulgar language and is suitable for anyone to listen to. When asked why they do not follow the trends of the typical hip hop artists they explained,

We believe that what we say matters to a large extent”. we relate our lyrics to a Paint Brush”  to color, refine and reshape the mind of our listeners,  In other words, what we say is imprinted in the subconscious of people which ultimately influences their thoughts, actions and world. So yes, we believe in keeping our lyrics clean, talking about what matters. We believe that as children of God we should reflect Him in everything.”

Trubreed presently is working on its very first album with the title B.U.S.H.  “Born Under Spiritual Heritage”. Hit them on

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