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How is the weekend going? I want to use this medium to introduce you to a new series we have going on and it is called #PositiveMentors.



The idea behind this is for our readers and celebrities to come and talk about people who have inspired them over the years. The importance of mentors cannot be overemphasised; whether as a counsellor, as a sponsor, or as a role model admired from afar. A mentor does not necessarily have to be your role model. He/She can guide or teach you different things whether in person or through their experience. Some things are learnt by following mentors and the stories of your mentors or those of other people can inspire someone else.



Send an email to yadamag@gmail.com. In this email, talk about your mentor(s) and what he /she means to you. Share their biography and highlight in what ways and areas your mentor has helped you become better whether personally, spiritually or in your profession. Also, send a picture of your mentor(s) to accompany your post on the site. Once it is uploaded, we would send you a link to the uploaded post on our website. You will then share the link on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag (#PositiveMentors) added to it. Who knows? Your mentor could read it and probably contact you in person. Also participating, in this would be some of your favourite authors, singers and public figures.


I would also like to note here that only #PositiveMentors will be uploaded. YadaMag has the right to choose the email to publish online. We are looking forward to having you participate in this project.


These are my #PositiveMentors



Hi. My name is Harry Itie and these are my #PositiveMentors


The Personal Mentor


Pablo Villatoro is my personal mentor. He is a member of the Dove award winning hip-hop group, Group 1 Crew.  I got a chance to meet Pablo through this avenue and he has been a blessing not only to Yada Magazine but also to me as an individual.

The one thing I have learnt from Pablo is humility. Group 1 Crew has achieved major success in both the mainstream and Christian markets releasing charts topping hits and selling albums worldwide but still he is still down to earth. He recognizes potential and believes that anybody can be anything; His words of encouragement motivate me to be the best at what I do.


Pablo represents all I want to be when I attain success, which is to remain humble, grounded in my faith in Jesus Christ while I work towards fulfilling God’s purpose in my life.


The Professional Mentor


Je’kob Washington is my professional mentor. This is weird because we are on different career paths; he specialises in music (production, song writing, singing, and rapping), I specialize in media.

Je’kob is a member of the hip-hop band, The Washington Projects and he is a solo artists. At the beginning of the year, he released a free album “Minor Setbacks for Major Come ups” which garnered positive reviews. Through the Yada platform, I met Je’kob and following his life and career, I have seen how passionate he is about his work.  His determination and persistent to affect this generation with biblical truths while staying relevant to his generation is to be commended. He understands that even though we need to build ourselves as together as believers, we also need to affect the world. Producing for mainstream hip-hop acts, The Nappy Roots in their Pursuit of Nappyness album showed that he has a passion to see change. In the words of Rhema Soul “He is brave and goes to the cave… seizes the moment and gives Christ the glory”


Je’kob has inspired me to be the best I can be as I strive for excellence as a media practitioner not only for the Body of Christ but also for the world at large.


The Spiritual Mentors


Pastor Paul Adefarasin and Max Lucado are my spiritual mentors. These men are men of God who have created a mark of excellence through their Christian work. Pastor Paul is the Senior Pastor of House on the Rock, Lagos and all its daughter branches across Africa and in London. He is a published author and he hosts the biggest concert in Africa every year called The Experience. The concert is one of a kind and is currently the biggest concert in the world. Artists that have performed at this concert include Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, Mary Mary, Israel Houghton, CeCe Winans, and Don Moen amongst others.


Max Lucado is a writer and a Pastor at Oak Hills Church in Texas. He is one of the most successful published authors of his time with over 30 published titles. His passion for Jesus Christ and service to humanity is evident in all his books. He is not just a New York Times Best-Selling author but also my personal best-selling author. His book, He Chose the Nails is very personal to me. His love for Jesus Christ is rare and different and his passion is fiery.


Pastor Paul and Max Lucado have a love for Jesus Christ that is evident in their lives. They have inspired me to seek after the saviour who came and died for me with the totality of my being. Every time I read their book or listen to their sermon, I am amazed at the amazing way they break down the scripture. They are used as instruments by God to show me the depths of his redemptive love for me.


These are my mentors and they have inspired/ are inspiring me in various parts of my life.


Be inspired


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