Destiny child gospel music talent hunt was conceived to create a platform for Nigerian gospel music singers to showcase their talents and also opportunity to compete satisfactorily and be above board their contemporaries in the secular act.

This is the first of its kind, and also a relief to the relegation gospel musicians are regularly subjected to in the entertainment sector, based on the mindset that gospel music is confined to the four walls of the church.

For your information, 98% of secular musicians are Christians who got career boost while singing in church choir groups, and based on their individual vocational assessment, they were certified as great talented musicians, but absence of potential sponsorship within Nigerian Christian community literally deprived them opportunities in gospel music and hence, they subscribed to secular music which attracts sponsorship based on its societal acceptance and moral decadence in the Nigerian community and entertainment sector.

Truly, with a bleeding heart, I appeal to Christian leaders to step up on the holy message to curb the religious and moral decadence rocking our country and to encourage the opportuned, and successful Christian brothers and sisters to invest in Christian projects that disseminates the WORD of God globally.

Christianity has been under attack lately, but can we ask ourselves (where is our power of anointing, power of descending on spiritual and physical elements gone?) I tell you brethren, religious decadence is responsible for all attack on Christians nationwide or should I say Christians have lost focus on their various biblical religious and spiritual obligations?

All these are the reasons Destiny Child is conceived and by his grace, by the end of season 1, an increase in prayer group participation, redefinition of Christian moral values and true religious obligation redemption, spiritual upliftment in various sectors of our Christian lives, based on ministration will be experienced during this gospel music talent hunt.

This is a mandate from God to destiny child to amplify religious consciousness by developing, reorganizing and improving on the quality of gospel music and musicians in Nigeria.

Auditions will be conducted in six zones
•       ABUJA venue: Musa Yar’Adua Center. Date: Thursday – Saturday, August 2-4, 2012.
•       MAKURDI venue:Royal Choice Inn, Lobi Qtrs. Date: Monday-Wednesday, August 6-8.
•       OWERRI venue: All Season Motel.Dated:Friday-Sunday,August 10-12.
•       PORT HARCOURT venue:LA Kings, Stadium Rd. Date :Tuesday-Thursday, August 14-16
•       BENIN venue: Motel Plaza, GRA (opposite Press Center). Date: Saturday-Monday,  August 18-20, 2012
•       LAGOS venue: Water Parks, Toyin Street, Ikeja on Wednesday-Friday, August 22-24, 2012.
•       Registration is FREE at all venues. Contestants can either register online through our website,, or at audition venues at the six centers listed above.
THE JUDGES are U-Cheena, Samsong and Tim Godfrey. They are well-tested and quality musicians that are in tune with what a modern musician should be. Apart from our websites, members of the public can also follow us on facebook, twitter and all other relevant media that will be made available regularly.
Finally, the hunt for destiny child will be live on AIT and African Magic.  To further bring domestic decent family program, local television stations will also broadcast performances from the contestants.

That way, we will be availing the viewing audience the opportunity to follow and vote for their candidates to ascertain the three winners of Destiny Child Season One (1). The first episode will be aired on Sunday, September 16, 2012 and every other Sunday till December 9 when the finals and the ‘Destiny Child’ will emerge

Winners will be determined by the viewing public’s vote through sms messages and the judges at 50 percent respectively.

These winners will be awarded the following prizes:

1st prize: Three million naira, a brand new Car and a record deal.

2nd prize: Two million naira and a record deal

3rd prize: One million naira and a record deal.

With this information, we officially present to you, Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt, a subsidiary of Eventz.comLimited and powered by Deli Stationery Limited.

Here are the pictures from the event

Destiny Child's Producer and Judge, U-Cheena at a press conference in Lagos on Tuesday, July 3, 2012


LR, Samsong, Captain Quest, U-Cheena and Tim Godfrey...


LR, Samsong, Captain Quest, U-Cheena and Tim Godfrey


LR, U-Cheena and Tim Godfrey, Destiny Child's Producer and Judge respectively...


LR, U-Cheena and Tim Godfrey, Destiny Child's Producer and Judge respectively


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  1. My name is Noble Mayuku Dore,my performing name is Noble da Primeboss. For a long time i hoped for something like this.Am a gospel rap artist have been rapping for Jesus in Churches and some local shows but most times i get discourage bcos i thought nobody cared about gospel music.But when i saw this advert it sprang hope and i know God truely has a plan and purpose for giving me the rap talent He gave me.God will surely reward the organizers of this gospel talent hunt.God bles u all in Jesus name.Am so glad.Peace 2 u all.Eccl. 3:11

  2. wut mor can i say, Noble Da Primeboss has said it all. by the way disis younggodz,a gospel rapper. disis the time for us to satisfy our hunger, a time to win back all the diverted gospelartist in the secular world back. GOD bless the gospel music talent hunt organizers, amen!

  3. I just hope the principal criteria for judging wont be based on singing, there are Jesus rappers out there who can also compete in the market. This is my major concern because rap gets pushed aside in most musical talent hunts.

  4. Pls lets encourage gospel hiphop.Gospel rappers should be giving hope dat wat dey do is good and relevant 2 nigerian music industry.Av made up ma mind 2 glorify God wit ma rappin skills and preach His word through ma songz and thr is nothin dat can stop me 4rm makin it in life bcos am out 2 give God glory.//I’uld rap till rapture//cos rap is ma nature//old thins as past//ama new creature//i praise d Creator//

  5. Comment: To GOD Almighty b all the glory. Indeed, he has done a new thing @a tym lyk diz!! Halle lujah!!! Salute to all d organizers n Destiny Child….. Cheer’z!!

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