Letting the world know that being young and serving God is not impossible is just one of the messages this young man is trying to   communicate through his music. Nigerian born, London raised Seun “S.O” Otukpe is no stranger to rap; a love for hip-hop was birthed in him   from a young age, saying his first rhyme at 6 years old at his grandmother’s birthday party. However, even with this love, he did not dream of doing music. ‘To live for myself, to have money and wealth,  to satisfy my lusts and earthly desires whiles putting up a front as  though I was righteous’ is what S.O would describe his essence in life  before meeting with Christ. Upon coming to true faith in Christ in 2004 at the age of 15, his focus changed from fortune and fame, and to serving and pleasing God.

After being introduced to UK Gospel group New Direction in 2005, S.O’s   life took a new course as they saw the talent within him and simply   nurtured it. Eager to learn, S.O watched as the Lord worked through his new friends and mentors but did not rush to jump on the stage. It  wasn’t until 2006 that S.O. knew that it was time to make music that  will not phase out, but ministry “that shows how life and doctrine can  meet and be effective”

2010 saw this young man graduate from Durham University where he  studied Theology, a subject that is very dear to his heart. “I studied this because my desires had changed. No longer was I money driven, but I was Jesus driven and just wanted to know Him and to love and cherish
Him more”.

In the past year, S.O. has been mentioned in magazines such as M- Brio.com, Gospel Link and sites like UK Gospel.com, DaSouth.com and Rapzilla. He has featured on tracks with leading gospel artists like  Jahaziel, New Direction Crew, Serene, E Tizz, and Reach Records’ Sho
Baraka. Not forgetting the success of his first solo project entitled  ‘The 5 Solas Mixtape’ released June 29th 2010 that received great

The 5 Solas Mixtape is absolutely worth the listen” – thechristianmanifesto.com

“This mixtape shares that aim and is worth downloading because it has  listening value, its Christ-centred” – lionsandliars.com

S.O started off 2011 with a bang. Now signed to Top US record label  ‘Lampmode Recordings’ the future is bright. With a free album entitled ‘So It Begins’ available on his website. So to think that this young man is only 22 and his eyes are fixed on the Lord gives one hope that there are still young people in this generation that have a heart for God.


To watch S.O.’s new video, click here

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