Hello good people! Thank you for stopping by today to read from me, the newbie of the house.

You can guess how excited I am to finally join the team — very! I might be the slacker of the bunch, no doubt, having just learnt about YadaMag a few months ago, but I assure you, the fun here is about to be cranked up a couple notches. Here’s how: from me with love, a fine blend of all the things I love to write (about) — fashion, movies, music, fiction, God, and more, all of course with a fun scriptural outlook. Oh, and in case you didn’t catch my YadaMag debut, you can get a whiff of my penmanship here.

I know you’re probably wondering who this guy is.

“Abegi, what makes him think he can captivate me sef? Puh-lease, I ain’t that easy,” I can almost hear someone say with a snap for punctuation.

But no, I’m just doing what I love is all. And let me tell you, I looooove to write. Much, much more than KSB will never win vocalist of the year. (Give that a moment to sink in.) No hard feelings though, KSB. Hehe.

Okay, okay, I’m not here to start a war (fun as that sounds). Just painting you a little picture of me. And me, I can only sit here at my work desk, torn between business and pleasure — the latter obviously winning at this point — hoping that you love the passport photo I’ve painted for you. Want the whole portrait? Haha. Well, look who just got hooked on some good ol’ fashion Oluwatobi fun.

All right! Be sure to come by for some fun Word-based fashion, fiction, music, film-inspired writings, and more. You’ll find, I hope, that right in the middle of fun is where you should be (pun intended).

See you in a bit. 😉


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