My vision in the music industry is to make beautiful, classic-lasting music for the world that should draw us all nearer to the mind-blowing Love of God, even via the good news of Jesus Christ. Moreover, I should expectedly bring glory to my nation of origin Nigeria, and Africa, also. Those are the words of eMjoy, a new recording artist who is ready to take the world by storm.


eMJOY is an artist, song writer and performer of, primarily, gospel music in the HipHop/pop genre. Has been performing before an audience since a really young age- in primary school and before family; Had his first concert stage performance in high school, age 15; plus has done and is currently doing performances across Toronto, Canada (where he is now resident), e.g. at Jesus Family Church events, RCCG Covenant Chapel youth events, Haiti Community, Worship 4 Life Concerts, Emua Fashion Show 2010, York University NSA (Nigerian Students Association) Gala 2011, etc. He is currently resident in Toronto, Canada, for higher education.


His new single Gracias, Ose, Merci is out now and you can listen to it here. Enjoy


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