Beadallion Jewellery is a brand that combines both vintage and contemporary wares for the average and high class fashionable lady. We deal in all kinds of stones, crystals, corals, cat eye, cowries, sea shells. “I get my inspirations from everything around me. Earth, fire, nature, animals, the ocean, everything.”  Designer Kingsley Ajayi quotes, read what NanaDC wrote about the latest jewelry watches.

Jewelry is all about the materials, and there is another theory that jewelry was popularized because of the supernatural and healing powers that ancient Pharaohs believed that some stones possessed. Amulets with magical gemstones were sacred and deeply respected, and held cultural and spiritual significance to the Ancient Egyptians. Even today, we wear pendants with crystals such as quartz not only because they are beautiful but because of the amazing qualities they may possess like the aquarius ring of the zodiac collection. It is comforting to some to wear jewelry made with stones and crystals that are said to help with everything from courage to love, and can often serve as a reminder to nurture these qualities in ourselves and certain areas of our lives.


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