Whether we travel to the ends of Czechoslovakia, or we stay right where we are, the universal language of intimacy will remain the same. The rules of intimacy can be applied on every facet of the globe, in every picturesque town on the different spheres of the world.

And it is globally understood that intimacy is the sweetest concept ever.

Intimacy is that thing, like love, which defies the restraints of languages and cultures. It travels beyond the barriers of conversations and explanations. You don’t need to analyze it; it is just as it is. As a child develops into an adult, the idea of intimacy is self-taught by the events they experience, such as relationships and marriages.

Intimacy is what propels a wife to want to peel the layers of her husband’s character, layer after layer, just like a white onion bulb. With each peel comes the yearning for more, and you just won’t want to stop until you’ve discovered everything you need to know about him. It’s like solving a giant puzzle and obtaining the satisfaction that comes after the puzzle has been solved, along with a big smile plastered on your face. It goes beyond making love.
It is the satisfactory feeling you get when you know someone inside and out- so much that you start to love the person more than before, with each new wonderful thing you find.

We can understand what “intimacy with God” means when we understand how it works between a man and a woman. God did not create us just because He needed six billion puppets. No! In the beginning, He said, “Let us make man in our own image.” Therefore, He designed the highest intellectual beings of all creatures, just so that we will be able to commune with God in the most intimate of ways, take a walk in the cool of the evening with our Father to discuss the most important of issues. We are spirit beings, spirits first before flesh, and we were created to be intimate with our Creator.

We cannot accomplish our purpose on earth if we’re not intimate with the One who placed us on this earth, the One who has planted the purpose of each individual in their hearts. It will be like a man looking for directions without a map in hand.

Together, let us learn to unravel the layers of our destinies by knowing God on a higher intimate level. To get there, we need to study His word, day and night. To meditate on it until it becomes a part of us and until we can no longer distinguish ourselves from the word of God. This, readers, is the only thing which will eventually lead to “good success.”

This article was written by Jaycee and she blogs at http://www.lightherlamp.com/

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