She first captured our heart 12 years ago with her debut album “Live For You”. Seven albums later, she comes back with All We Need. It features the song “Remedy” which peeked at No. 38 on the Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs Charts. In this interview with Harry Itie, she talks about everything from her new music to international tours and also chats a bit about longtime friend Stacie Orrico. Enjoy the interview below


YADA: It had been over six years before the release of All We Need. How has the response being so far?

RACHAEL: I think it has been great!  It has been a little bit of a challenge in that the music business is so much different and I have to adapt to a new way of getting my music out there.  The plus side is that I am able to really get back in touch with some of my older fans through Facebook and Twitter and really get to know my listeners on a personal level.  It is much more exciting and meaningful having that personal contact.



YADA: Remedy is the lead single from the album. Talk to us for a bit about the song and what it means to you

RACHAEL: Remedy was sort of the song that jumpstarted the entire record.  It was not only a fun, upbeat song, but it was a bold declaration of faith.  I wanted fans to know that I may have been on a break from the industry for a while, but I was not on a break from my faith.  I am more in love with Jesus than ever and Remedy is such a great way of proclaiming that He is the answer, the remedy to life.


YADA: Who were the people you worked with on your new album?

RACHAEL: I worked with some old friends and a couple new ones on this record.  Writers and producers that i have known for around 10 years like Dan Muckala and Ben Glover. And new friends David Garcia and Marshall Altman.  I also got together with my friend, Jonny Lang to record a song I had written with Drew Ramsey and Shannon Sanders.


YADA: How is this project different from the other ones that you have put out in the past?

RACHAEL: This record is different in that, I am writing from a new perspective. New experiences and a new life.  I am married now so I was able to throw a couple love songs in there and talk about some of the more real issues in life and how God is involved in them.  Musically, it is a bit edgier, but still keeping the classic, pop sound that I’ve always had.


YADA: Can you describe your creative process?

RACHAEL: There is no real formula to it.  Sometimes the words to a song come first.  Sometimes it’s a melody, sometimes it’s just a small idea.  Generally, I will get an idea and call a friend to come help me bring it to life.  From there, we begin to form a track and bring it to life in the studio.


YADA: You just were on the Outta Space Love Tour. Talk to us about that

RACHAEL: I had a blast!  Group 1 Crew, Shonlock, and Ryan Stevenson are some of my favourite artists out there.  They are all pushing the limits with a lot of the Christian music out there.  Really trying new things and sounds and taking Christian music outside of the church walls.



YADA: Live for You will always remain very personal to me. I relate to that song on so many levels. Please talk to us a bit about the song.

RACHAEL: That song will always speak to me also.  It was the first song I ever recorded on my first CD ever.  It was a very important decision for me to choose to not only use my gift of singing, but to use it for Jesus.  I think it was important for me for the first song that anyone heard from me to be sort of “mission statement” that no matter what I have done or what i do, i will do it for Jesus.


YADA: Everyone has been wondering about what I am about to ask you and it would be unfair if I do not ask. Please what is new with Stacie Orrico? And when are you guys recording a duet? (laughs)

RACHAEL: Stacie is doing great!  She was actually a bridesmaid in my wedding!  She is currently living in New York and working on music.  She has no set plans to release anything, but just taking her time and enjoying her life.  She and I had a very busy childhood and both needed to slow down and take a breath, she is enjoying that process right now.

Rachael's wedding: Stacie Orrico is at the far left



YADA: Any international tours in the works? Possibly a visit to Nigeria?

RACHAEL: Wow!  I would absolutely love to!  We are still solidifying dates for the US tour, but I would absolutely love to come to Nigeria!  I have never been to Africa and its always been a dream of mine to see and visit your beautiful country!

YADA: A final word for our readers

RACHAEL: Thank you for supporting what I do and have done with my music.  It has always been important to me that we not are afraid to let God take our music where we cannot.  To always continue to let God in- sometimes as Christians, we try to be the ones who say all the right words and do all the work, but God wants us to need him and to let him in.  Let him lead us, we are only human and he will give us everything that we need.




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For more information on Rachael Lampa visit her website here. Watch the music video for Remedy below

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