eMJOY, birth name MAYOWA ADEBAJO, is a gospel artist, songwriter and performer, primarily in the HipHop genre. He is currently a university student of Media in Toronto, Canada, and  hails from Ogun state, Nigeria. He says, “My vision in the music industry is to make beautiful, classic-lasting music for the world that should draw us all nearer to the mind-blowing Love of God even through the good news of Jesus Christ. I also seek to inspire my birth country Nigeria -and Africa- at large to her true potentials.”  He has been featured on many websites and also on the YadaMag Compilation Album which he  got an MVP award for from Imade In Truth. Yada Magazine Editor in Chief, Harry Itie got a chance to interview him. Enjoy


YADA: Talk to us about the new single, Casting Down Competition. What inspired it?

eMJOY: CDC was written and first performed back at the beginning of 2010. When I received the beat from D-Flow, the sound seemed to inspire battle. I was led to study 2nd Corinthians 10:3-5: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…” I wrote the chorus, and verses eventually, to encourage believers to wage war with the power we have in the name of Jesus.


YADA: This time last year you were just a regular guy and now you are a recording artist. How does it feel?

eMJOY: (laughs)how do you know I was relatively just a regular guy this time last year? (laughs again) I joke. Well, last year I probably was doing something, investing in another of my talents; however recording this music seems to be bringing more fame (than what I was doing last year). Well, glory to God; it’s a blessing which I count. Glory to God; I’m making progress and advancing in life career-wise. I feel grateful really. “Yes God.”


YADA: When did you know that doing music was professionally was what you wanted to do?

eMJOY: When I performed at church and a number of people kept urging me to make something out of this talent that I have. Plus, I got support that was ready to fund my efforts. Then, I decided to record the music, share it, and now this mixtape YGM-VTECH. And it goes on.


YADA: Talk to us about the new music project?

eMJOY: YGM-VTECH mixtape, you will learn from the first track, happens to be born out a compilation of practice sessions. When I decided to take music more seriously I began gathering instrumentals from all manner of genres. I practiced rapping on these beats and made some nice music which people appreciated when I performed them. I decided I’ll record all of them and put them out for free. For producers to have a reference in order to make new tunes for me; and generally for listeners to get to see my range, enjoy and apply some of that ‘YesGod’ music, among other reasons.


YADA: Can you please describe your creative process?

eMJOY: Sure: When I get an idea, the creation process usually begins with the chorus – if the song would have a chorus ultimately- and I usually write my verses by hearing the beat. I like to rap, riding a beat, or flowing to the ride of the beat. I hardly write verses of a song without hearing the beat yet. The chorus goes either way: I hear the beat and write it, or I create the chorus to which the beat maker makes a beat. Bla, bla, bla… pardon my lengthy response.


YADA: What challenges do you face as an independent artist?

eMJOY: Eh… usually the cash to record. Lol. …The connections and cash to distribute your music. Also, promoting the brand far and wide can be challenging as an independent artist. With a label company, outlets would more readily give you attention and help promote. Yeah.


YADA: What inspires you?

eMJOY: The Holy Ghost, duh… (Laughs) I joke. Em… well, for sure the Spirit and Word of God inspire what I ultimately write down to deliver. Ideas can come from anywhere at all, but in all cases, the word of God- sincerely speaking- does fashion the content of the rap music lyrics- chorus, verses, and all. *head nod*


YADA: What non-musical projects are you involved in?

eMJOY: New Nigeria Spirit is a fashion design brand and “business” I’m involved in. Eh… if finishing school is a project I’m involved in that too. (chuckles) I guess that’s it… for now.


YADA: When do you plan to come back to Nigeria? Hopefully for a concert?

eMJOY: Ah…. Guy… I can’t say for sure, but believing that words have power then I’ll say 2012 sometime. (Tongue stuck out) lol. I hope as soon as possible though. “YesGod”; Let’s go there. Lol


YADA: A final word for our readers.


That’s one word right? (Laughs) According to Hebrews 12:2: JOY is the energy that got Christ through the burden of His cross… So have JOY




Current songs on your playlist

Street Runner by eShon Bugundy; different tracks on The 2nd Coming album by Mali Music; and the YGM-VTECH mixtape songs e.g. “Over Here” featuring Spoken, “Casting Down…,” to name two.

Last movie you just saw

Technically, a documentary: Exit through the Gift Shop

As per movie, movie, then, in the cinema: X-Men First Class… better than I expected.

Chill out spot

Kai… n I don’t do much chilling out really. More of chilling in…, inside my house playing games and what not with friends and company. If I chill out it is most likely at a friend’s place. Sorry, I can’t come up with a chill out spot. The cinema’s at best…? *shrug*

Apple juice or Soda

Apple juice (In most cases it’s healthier I guess)

Favourite Bible Verse

“All things are possible to him who believes”- Jesus (Mark9:23)

Guilty pleasure

Tchai. You want me to confess my sins to the public?? (Laughs). Mmmm… music can be a form of distraction and procrastination for me. Like conceptualizing music in church while the rest of the congregation is praying…; doing it instead of studying my school books…

YADA: Thanks for your time

eMJOY: Thanks for the time and opportunity. JOY



Connect with him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/theemjoychannel
On Twitter: @emjoytruly
More music: www.emjoy.bandcamp.com

To download eMJOY’s mixtape click here. Enjoy his music video below.


The eMJOY Channel (YGM-VTECH~intro) from The eMJOY Channel on Vimeo.

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