Nwabundo Onyeabo is not your average girl. She is a passionate young woman who has and is inspiring many young people. Her book “Out of Curiosity” is a collection of her poems that are centered on life, love, Africa and God. In an interview with Harry Itie, she talks about her poetry, her interests and how she is on a bad hair day. Enjoy.

YADA: What inspired “Out of Curiosity”

I figured instead of writing and storing under my pillow or in my journals, why not publish and inspire someone to do the same… plus the fact that i see a gaping need for young female poets to be recognized and read of/about in this expression or art form.

YADA: How has the response been?

Nwabundo: The response to “Out of Curiosity” has been encouraging. It makes me happy when people read through the poems and can relate or at least recognize the uniqueness in the expression of my thoughts.

YADA: When did you start writing poetry?

Nwabundo: I have been writing poetry since I could hold a pen, not pencil o, pen

YADA: What usually inspires the poems you write?

Nwabundo: My poems are inspired by everyday situations and really deep thoughts and imaginations

YADA: Do you intend on giving Spoken Word poetry a shot?

Nwanbudo: I already do Spoken Word… in the comfort of my bedroom, in front of a mirror or in front of my siblings and parents. I LOVE Spoken Word! I think its really sexy.

YADA: After “Out of Curiosity” what next?

Nwabundo: Hmmm, because I haven’t got a copyright for this title, I won’t say it just yet but know  that another collection of poems will be released between now and another five years, … ok maybe two THATS WHY EVERYONE needs to buy their copy of Out Of  Curiosity NOW (at the hub, palms shopping mall, lekki)! so that in the near future, no one will be caught slacking and asking questions like, “o, who is she?”

YADA: Describe Nwando on a bad hair day

Nwabundo: Fortunately, I have eliminated this type of situation by cutting my hair! 🙂 but on those days when even short hair becomes tough to deal with, i could be incredibly irritable and cranky, i could also be very quiet and taciturn and lastly i could be very very hyper! Yes cos, “you can’t feel bad and dance” so when its a bad hair day and i’m not willing to sulk about it, i go *hyper-mode*

YADA: Apart from writing and poetry, what are your interests?

Nwabundo: I love to travel, love to cook and bake, i’m very interested in music and art and theatre, i’m also interested in chemistry and people (thought processes) and i love to read… i’d love to learn to swim someday too.

YADA: I can see your poetry is very open about your faith in Jesus Christ, can you talk to us about that?

Nwabundo: Its like finding something you know many people are looking for espeacially when there are so many similar (but fake) items like the one thing you found… you clearly want to talk about it all the time and share with everyone who wants to hear whether consciously or subconsciously… that how my faith in JC is. i love Jesus Christ, He’s my homie and best friend.

YADA: What do you think of the Nigerian situation?

Nwabundo: #there’sHope

YADA: What would be your contribution to this situation?

Nwabundo: My contribution ke? Nigeria’s issues should definitely be tackled on an individual basis. As an individual, i am doing my part to ensure that i am not conformed to this society and its hapless methodologies. I will love my fellow road users as hard as that gets, i will not give bribes to anyone, i will remain positive and calculated in any decisions i make that could be crucial to my existence / reputation as a Nigerian, i will represent my country well in words, in actions and thoughts, i will pray for Nigeria, as hard as it could be, i will close my mind to tribalism, i will eat Nigerian food and patronize Nigerian businesses… my mantra, what’s yours?

YADA: A word for our readers

#BeTheChangeYouWantToSee! Yes boss! Keep reading people, then go buy “Out of Curiosity” and let me know your thoughts outofcuriousity1@gmail.com

Nwabundo Trivia
Songs on your iPod or media library:
Rooftop MCs, J.R, India.Arie, Ledisi, BoB Marley, Asa, Martha Munnizi, Fred Hammond, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, TD Jakes, Israel & New Breed, Chris d’Burgh, Amy Grant, e still plenty but i don tire

Last movie you saw: Karate Kid

Favorite food: Beans then Chocolate

Last book you read: Ted Dekker’s “Bone Man’s Daughters”

My Daddy – Mr. Uche Onyeabo and Barr. Wole Oguntokun of JasonVision (Renegade Theatre)

Check out Pictures from her book launch


  1. I have started reading my own copy of out of curiosity and I am truely inspire. I will now go and pull out all my dust covered writing and try and get it published.

    Well done girl, you really are a star and guess wht? Your best is yet to come

  2. Nwando is a beautiful person inside and out, and her unflagging positivity about all things is an inspiration to her peers.

    Individually, and then collectively, we will change Nigeria for the better.

    Emmm, P.S. I am being the change I want to see but what about the policeman who stops you at 10pm at the checkpoint and asks “Oga, happy weekend. Anything for the boys?” while holding a gun and having bloodshot eyes like he finished a bottle of sapele water and topped it off with smoking bitterleaf?
    Am I bribing if I give him a “gift” of N200 just to keep things moving and not become another statistic?

  3. Hey people, Thanks for the comments! U rock! @ Lanre, you can flash a smile and say “ah no o Oga, dem they wait for me for house” (it usually works for girls, although one time i caused traffic because one npf dude also asked for my number which i had to give to be released) i usually see my dad and guy friends joke with them and we let off without parting with money 🙂

    Thanks a lot CO, Gee, Myne and Vicky. You rock… o and please tell your friends.

    Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

    PS: Photo credits go to Tito. A and cofotography.blogspot.com

  4. Life is sweet and bitter, people are good and bad, conditions are sometimes tough and teachs and their conquarors and legends. Nwabundo u have liberated many with these your gift and so you live in the mind of many as a legend of our time. Hail the lengend! How do i get ma copy?

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