Have you ever had all your dreams come true? Ok maybe not all but one major dream that left you giddy for days. How long did it last? Mine? Just a month and reality came tumbling after. Too late, I realized that some dreams are better off as that cloudy-I-wish – I-wish feeling that brings a smile to your face and stars in your eyes.

And this got me thinking, before I tell my story let me summarize the lesson. You know how God says he has a great plan for us but we always try to dream up our own idea of a great plan. Believe me, the outcome does not turn out exactly as you expect. Why? Cause that is not God’s plan but yours.

No confusion, please. I will take this slowly. Every time we commit something into God’s hands, do we really commit it into his hands or do we just commit the outcome we desire banishing any thoughts of God having a different outcome. It took me a while to understand why I was not deriving satisfaction from the dream I have always wanted. The answer was simple. I took the wheel back from Him and relegated Him to the back seat. It became my dream, my wants, my desires and my efforts. When it was a dream, it was all about God. Hoping it turns out his way, all in line with his will. It was about pleasing God in my own way, about doing good but that stopped when it became real.

I felt God telling me Ps 46:10, ‘be still…I am God’ but of course that won’t work because I finally had all, well a part of all I wanted. I still have it but now I know why I do not derive the expected joy and satisfaction. I engineered my reality, I stopped committing it all into God’s hands and most saddening, I forgot it was not about me really but about making impact.


So this is my story, I am the girl who took the wrong turn but now am on the right track (God is driving and am enjoying the ride with a big grin on my face). I still have my dreams but I dream them differently these days. These days I make room for God to make me because his way is always better.

In conclusion, Psalms 40:1 has turned into a lifestyle for me. I will really appreciate comments and questions 🙂




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  1. I can definitely relate to this.constantly seeking for balance btw my dreams and God’s will.May God help me.nice one bunmi.

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