It’s been a great week so far in Leadership school and it has indeed been a season of refreshing.
I have no doubt in my heart that has sent me back to school for a reason and one thing I always ask God to do for me is to help me tap fully into the reason for the hour.
I’ve had transportation issues too many times this week….from car not being available, to d available one breaking down, to my friend’s car also breaking down, to another car breaking down, jonzing change in Danfo... and in all these things I know God is saying something, it’s only a matter of time till I get full grasp of what He is talking about.
I love the way God operates!
He a times appears coded in His ways,  but by the time u understand his ways, u realise that the code is sooo plain and it has been there all this while”
Friendship is the gift of man that God gave to man
In that parable Jesus taught of the master that gave one talent to one, two to another and five to a third, and they did business with it…upon the return of the master, the one with five had earned another five, the second with two had earned two and the one with one remained the same.
I linked this to relationships, people that don’t mix have issues making headway.
The one that had one talent can be likened to an introvert that has just one friend, and u know how introverts who don’t develop themselves could be so clingy; you become too clinged to that one ‘best friend’ ‘boy/girl friend’ and because of that comfort that the one friend offers, you don’t see a need to grow your network.
“Life is just me and my bestie”
“Life is just me and my boo”
But see the man that had two friends in his inner circle, he went ahead to meet those that his two his friends valued as well and he earned himself an expanded network of friends. What started as a circle of 3 grew into a happier circle of 5.
The one that had 5 friends must have been a powerful networker, he understood the dynamics of team building, he was growth oriented, he had too much in him to be limited to a circle of 6, his high spirit made him a friend u will want to have, he was so loaded that everyone envied those that were friends with him, u could call him “that kind of friend that your parents want u to have”
Soon enough friends were meeting friends and the circle grew into a circle of 11…what an increase!
Upon the return of the master,
He was welcomed with a 88.3% growth record from the team that grew from 6 to 11
And a 66.7% growth index from the team that grew from 3 to 5
Whilst there was a sad 0% increase from the team of 2 that remained as 2, as a matter of fact, the introvert was so much of a clinging friend that he couldnt even come out in public with his one and only friend…avoiding the possibility of that friend expanding his/her network.
Then the wise master caught a glimpse of a possible perfect growth rate and with much excitement he requested that friend that was left bored at home be made to join the balling circle!
Hence the team of 6 grew into a team of 12….which implied 100% growth
(Before u call that friend sly, don’t u think uve been a boring friend all along and he/she has been finding it hard to cope with u all this while?
Stop clinging!)
God honors fun,
He honor growth
He honors those with large hearts (my mentor says until u have a lion’s heart, u cant have the lion’s share)
Don’t dull God, expand ur heart, expand ur network
God cannot come down in person to bless you, but when a prophet says “God bless you” in effect, he is saying “Man bless you”
God is blessing you in the spiritual, but for the blessings to be made manifest, he has to do it through man….that is what “God created man in his own image”
the word “image” connotes physical
You remember “God is a Spirit and those that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth” right?
That is while God is a Spirit,  Man is God in the physical

Tolulope Akanni is a visionary and dynamic youth with a rare and unique passion sent on a mission to bring out the best in people to the end of seeing men live up to their full capacity.

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