This the first story we are featuring. It is a  10 part series and it is by Dera Kennedy Igwe.

It was barely morning when I awoke… Alas!! It was yet another terrible dream… a nightmare.

Today is the 21st of May 2029, a Monday.

The Monday after the Saturday we held the “enoughisenough rally”; we had already had enough of the ills in government. We were tired of the corruption and maladministration in the system. We were totally fed up with endless stories of yet to be achieved electoral reforms. Life was irritating. Just like that, the Military seized power.

The country is in chaos, a chaos that is worse than when I was born over 20 years ago. The power problem has escalated and is worse than it had ever been.


I lay on my bed; my eyes transfixed at the ceiling above my head drenched by the sweat from the heat of the night which I feel is a result of power cut in the neighborhood. I feel anger; I feel pain living in this country, because when I don’t get what I want, I feel nothing ever works.

My name is Anthony Egbuna, I am a youth, a young ambitious Nigerian who graduated first class honors in Economics from the University of Nigeria, two years after my youth service I am fed up with life, no employment and I took to activism and dedicating myself to the service that screams “We must save Nigeria”

The youths had embarked on a rally that Saturday to press the need for reforms in all the facets of government and an improved Nigeria, a Nigeria in which they had heard past leaders promise and fail to deliver credible results.

I had a terrible dream.

I saw myself bundled up in a military truck alongside the 8 of us that were the initiators of the enoughisenough project; we were beaten to stupor and locked up in a hovel of a very small room with little lighting and a small window that barely drafted air to the room. That cell room was intended for one person, I know, but we were 8 inside. I have had this dream thrice now, the night before the rally, the night after the rally and now Monday. I knew all wasn’t well. The media had stood solidly behind us, throwing their weight behind us and giving us the required support. The youths of Nigeria a

assembled at Abuja where they marched from the Eagle Square down to the National Assembly, Three Arms Zone and around the Presidential Villa. Even the sight of the heavily armed security personnel which the Federal Government recruited to ensure the protest was a peaceful one didn’t scare the youths away. They were determined to participate. They had had enough.

It’s now 7:15am and I have to rush to the project secretariat to work on the rally’s report that we are to present later that day at a press conference. I had had a bath, finished breakfast and was about leaving my studio apartment in which I reside alone, when my phone rang. It was Arinola, one of the eight members of our team, the only female. I said to myself “I hope all is well, this is quite early for Arinola to call”. Apparently she called to find out if I was already up and on my way. I live at Lekki Phase 3 in New Lagos and the Secretariat was at Surulere in Old Lagos. It takes me approximately 45 minutes to get to work, but today the road is surprisingly free and I am at work after 30 minutes.

After working on the report, I had lunch with the rest of the team and rushed to see my mum whose health was failing, before they started the press conference at about 2:15pm. Barely 20 minutes into the conference, they got information that with the approval of Head of State and Commander in Chief, the Inspector General of Police has instructed the Commissioner of Police of Lagos State to issue a warrant for the arrest of the 8 members of the enoughisenough rally. The information came to them late, before they knew it, Policemen were in, about 30 of them, Led by an Assistant Commissioner of Police.

The press conference ended abruptly.

The journalists are bullied away from the venue and my partners are respectfully marched to a waiting police vehicle on their way to Kam Salem House, the Police HQ annex in Lagos.

After questioning, the commissioner said they will be arraigned in court. I was declared wanted because I wasn’t arrested yet. I guess a man hunt was placed on for me, as I was the leader of the pack. After I told my mum about the predicaments that had hit me and what the end might be, she said I had to leave the country.

, ‘Quick!,’ she said.  “They will get you Anthony, and you will go to jail. I warned you about all this your activist whatever. I told you it will lead you into trouble. Now you see!” she said.

She was weak, but still managed to say all those with the little energy that she had.

Nwa m! Go, just go. Don’t worry. Mbamalu has been taking care of me. He will continue. Your safety is my priority. Je be! I nu go?”

“Yes ma,” I answered.

As I leave, Mbamalu, mama’s cousin who stays with her at home comes in with some drugs.

“Mba,” I called. “Biko, take good care of mama. I will be away for a long time. I don’t know how long, but it will be long. Please I will keep contact with you through your gsm. Take care of mama for me, for us. This is N21,000. Add it to the one I gave you earlier. It should go a long way.”

Nna! What is the problem, why are you sounding like this?” Mbamalu asked. “Don’t worry Mba. Just do as I have said. I have to run now. Daalu!’

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