This week was my final week of University (yes, I’m graduating soon, thank God) and my last exam paper was on Wednesday, 1st of June, so I have had free time for quite a while. However, this week was quite sad though; knowing that there are some people/friends that you would not be seeing anymore. When I got into my car to drive home…I got teary eyed but held back the tears because I’m a MAN LOL!


Before I was about to drive off however, a University friend of mine had come to me to say bye, but before he did that, He spoke some words into my life that I just knew were from God. Hearing from God is such a beautiful thing guys, for real. Anyway, he started to say how he has and had been noticing stuff about me that was so of God that it convicted Him. He said how he noticed how I responded to certain situations, comments, words, etc., and how they just…showed God.

I’m writing this not for my self-elevation but for God’s, and his words meant a lot to me for different reasons. The things he noticed about me were the things that I was working on and making sure I did in a Godly and healthy way, of course with God’s help, so I was very pleased to hear his words about those areas. Also, I have wanted to hear something like that from God for a while, and it just made me so happy knowing that people could actually see God in me, which made me acknowledge that I was doing something right.

He also said something about how I am like one of the few practising Christians in the University; there are people who know scriptures, messages etc., but when certain circumstances come their way, they respond in ways that are of the world, and he said I didn’t do that. As he spoke, my eyes were watering because it felt so emotional knowing God is manifesting in you for His glory. Then he mentioned how the fruits of the Spirit are evident in my life; again this is not for self-glorification but to encourage everyone to get closer to God to actually be of Him for His glory.

My friend’s words, which I know were from God, encouraged and motivated me to do better in life concerning my efforts, and actual acts/speeches. The bible does say that in everything we do, we should do it as if we are doing it for God (which is something I’m working on), and how the fruits of the Spirit should be evident in our lives. This is so important.

Then my friend left, but I had to give him a hug (emotional sturvz) then went back home. Encourage others, and help them too. Encouraging words are of God, so encourage people from now on so good things shall happen.  Peace out!


source of photo: NACADA

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