I believe in discipline

That the body I put underneath today

Will bear me up nicely tomorrow

I believe in courage

That, breastplates are not back-plates

So that men may face their fears, not flee

I believe in trust

That in our backs are embedded no eyes

Because they are for someone else to attend

I believe in people

That though ‘evil’ truly rhymes with ‘people’

Rhyme is not always right, though they rhyme

I believe in hope

That in hope lies life, and in life lies hope

And this conjugal union can only death part

I believe in miracles

That from weakness can spring strength

And from death can burst forth life

I believe in truth

That it indeed dwells in every single sane soul

Gently waiting for the light of knowledge

I believe in faith

That I believe is the title deed of this belief

And belief is the substance of hope and thus life

I believe in God

That by His words were the worlds framed

As a picture for us to see and yes, to be

And yes, I believe in love

For I believe in God

And God is love…

By ThaLyricalPrimus


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