ITIE HARRY: Love is best described in the Fathers love for us. It might sound cliché but nobody does it better than Him and no one will do it better than Him. It is in Him we learn how to love others and then ourselves.

OBANAWU BUNMI: Love is God. You are probably going “yeah right” but think about it, God is merciful (ever ready to forgive), He is faithful (He is with you until the very end), He chose you. Love is not something He feels, it is something He decided to do not because you deserve it but because you just are.

ONYEMA GLORY: Love is God, God is Love. If you do not have God, you do not have love.

AKINNUSI PETER: Love is what I call deep. Its standards are so high, unassailable like a mountain too steep. Love is hard to understand, hard to describe, so inexplicable. Love, true love is stainless and impeccable. Overall, Love is…. God

OPALUWAH AKOR: Love . . . 4 letters, 3nity, 2 worlds, 1 word, Equated only to You . . . ‘cause of what You did on that tree… the feeling it spurs up in me towards You  or the feeling it engulfs me towards her is the healing I need for this world.

JAIYEOLA TOBI IBUKUN: Love is one of the most natural forces in the world. Out of love, the world was made and by love, the world is sustained. Yet even the most unnatural comes from love. That a man would give his life for another…now that is love.

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