House Lights Media Introduces the Teen Drama ‘Hidden Rage,’ a Film to Facilitate Conversations with Your Teen About Bullying and Violence in the Schools

— Debuting On DVD on June 5, 2012 —

House Lights Media introduces the timely, teen drama HIDDEN RAGE, to DVD for the first time in North America on June 5, 2012.
HIDDEN RAGE, produced and directed by Emmy Award winning producer, Norton Rodriguez, tells the story of one high school student’s experience and actions as he navigates the tense world of high school. HIDDEN RAGE deftly explores how rage can build inside a youth who is bullied and feels isolated, and provides a warning and demonstration of the consequences of resorting to violence to solve problems. The film creates an opportunity for relevant and timely dialogue about the rage and violence prevalent in today’s youth culture, and how faith and spirituality can offer options to deal with life’s challenges.

Entertaining while being educational, HIDDEN RAGE fills a timely need and will act as a starting point for discussion in schools across the country. The DVD also includes Spanish subtitles, music video and director commentary. Order cut-off for the DVD is May 1, 2012.

HIDDEN RAGE is the story about Joshua (Aaron Goldenberg), a 17 year old student, who goes to school every day, because he has to. At school he gets picked on, beat up, and bullied, at home he feels alone, isolated and uncared for. His teachers are oblivious, and the school’s security force can only react to what they see. His only friend, Stephen (Dario Lado), is too afraid to step to his defense. Rage has a way of hiding itself until it’s too late, and in Joshua, rage is buried deep. There are signs that his rage is trying to escape, but no one sees them. He indulges his anger in the video games that he plays, the lists that he keeps, and the movies that he watches. Until one day he gets pushed too far…

HIDDEN RAGE, directed by Norton O. Rodriguez and written by Alejandro Leyva based on a story by Robert Cramer, stars Aaron Goldenberg, Daniela J Berkowitz, Roberto Escobar, Eric Nelson and Dario Lado. HIDDEN RAGE was produced by Norton O. Rodriguez, Mario Ortiz and Roberto Escobar and executive produced by The God of Moses Entertainment.

The DVD of HIDDEN RAGE is presented in Stereo. The film runs approximately 90 minutes before bonus material. HIDDEN RAGE is priced to own at $22.99 (S.R.P.) in the U.S. and Canada. It is unrated.

About The God of Moses Entertainment
Norton Rodriguez has over 25 years of film and television experience, winning three Emmy Awards in producing, camera work, and animation. Soon after reconnecting with God as a Christian in 1994, Norton established The God of Moses Entertainment, Inc. as a motion picture and television production company dedicated to producing powerful faith-based films. The God of Moses Entertainment provides wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Please visit

About House Lights Media Partners
House Lights Media Partners, an emerging leader in distribution for independent and innovative filmmaker’s, acquires a wide range of original independent films as well as representing existing brands and films for their library. Founded by home video industry veterans, House Lights Media Partners, acquires, develops and distributes the best in truly independent film either theatrically or to the home entertainment market. House Lights Media currently has “The Drummond Will,” “The Tunnel,” “Losing Control,” “Pickin’ & Grinnin'” and “Hidden Rage” as part of its distribution roster. For more information, please visit


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