“He is So not my type!” She told me

“Sorry?” I asked looking at her in shock.

“Yea, Bolu (Not his real name), he is So So So not my type. I’d rather date a horse than date him” She said.

I looked at the girl speaking and I could not help giggling inside. I was tempted to say, “Look at who’s talking” but I knew better than that. The girl speaking was not a friend. She was just a girl I talk to in school. I could not believe she was saying that, but the truth is I do not blame her.

Honestly, there are times when we do the “He is not my type” or “She is not my type” but really have we stopped to check and say maybe, just maybe someone is saying the same thing about me.

I am not saying we should not have the things or specific qualities we look out for in a partner but “He is So not my type sounds… I do not know… wicked (if that is the word for it) and she had to add the she would rather date a horse line. Girls can be so MEAN!

Anyways, a man of God once said that if you are looking for the perfect husband/wife you should be the perfect wife/husband. In addition, someone who I consider wise once said we should treat every guy or girl we encounter in ways that will make them suitable husbands and wives for people. This way you are sowing a seed into your very own future. So I looked at the girl who’d rather date a horse than an actual human being and said “I bet he feels the same way too”

She was MAD! I have never seen anyone get angry the way she did that afternoon. She then tried to take me on a guilt trip (So typical). I mean the guilt trip works on 10 year olds. I am a young adult. Can’t she see that? And she wants a perfect guy. I had so many things I wanted to tell her but I had to do the “Christian” thing. I had to let her know that no matter how bad you think someone is someone somewhere loves him or her just the way they are and that your opinion does not really count. He may not be the guy for you, fine, but he is someone else’s’ dream guy. Maybe he is even the one God has destined for you to be with but you then lose him ’cause you couldn’t see the big picture so you then wind up with a loser with bad debt and a rotten personality.

The Bible makes us understand that as Christians we look at things we cannot see rather than the things we can see because the things we can see are temporal and the ones we can’t see are eternal, 2 Corinthians 4:18. The best gifts come in the worst packages. Jesus Christ in ALL HIS GLORY was born somewhere insignificant and put in a manger but he ended up saving the WHOLE WORLD from eternal damnation. Most people who were alive when He was born did not believe because they could not see the big picture.

SO LADIES: Realize that God has prepared someone special for you and he may not be the “perfect guy” of your dreams but he is the one God wants you to be with and please do not diss the ones He has prepared for someone else. Do not put them a lil bit lower than animals.

AND FELLAS: Realize that ladies are assets, God’s own handiwork, beautifully and fearfully made. Respect them and love them. God has prepared someone for you too, so wait and ask God to show you who the person is. Also, do not put them down or make them feel worthless. I do not want some guy to determine the worth of my future wife.

So he/she may not be your type but they are most definitely someone’s’. Get it?



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