Hey guys,

Welcome to the year 2011. It feels good to see another new year in good health if I may add. All the glory goes to God who saw us through and us brought us to this awesome place we are in. With that been said I will love to introduce you to our plans for the new year.

This year we at Yada tend to achieve the following

1. Establish our online presence. Last year was very sloppy and it seems we were a bit lax. This year, we hope to establish our presence on the web and we can only do it with your support.

2. We want to also start our new media consultancy services.

3. We are introducing our Yada Foundation which would be aimed at raising money for different charities both in Nigeria and abroad.

We also have other things planned but this is our major plan. I know there are still a few things that we need to work out but I will tell you this with confidence so we are relying on your support and cooperation.

Happy new year again and see you at the top.


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