In the midst of all the busyness at work today, it is still the 6th day of March, 2013 and I just have to take time out to appreciate my big-little sister. I call her that simply because she qualifies for both. Regardless of her high level understanding, experience, wisdom, maturity and of course a decade difference in age, she relates (jokes and gists) with me like it doesn’t matter. *sigh* such humility is not in the market.
You are a constant source of inspiration. I find your strength very overwhelming. You speak the love of God in so many ways, even without seeing (I think?) so much of the scriptures. In the part that you were present, covered the part that you were absent. I feel like you were always present.



The Big-little sister will always be patient to listen to my thoughts even when they are quite in-comprehensive  You seek to find understanding in everything you do and that is just wisdom. You are a rare blessing to your generation and of course, mother. She doesn’t have anything slightly wrong to say about you. Your ‘wrongs’ are rightfully right.


I could never have asked for a better big sister. For this and more I am more than blessed. And because I am a good soil like that and you have planted so much within me, you would never have a better yesterday. The surprises would keep unraveling for you like rivers of water.  Your dreams will come true.

No matter how you choose to annoy me most times, I love you to bits, forever. Yes, I am publicly declaring my love for Folashade Foresythe. It doesn’t come easy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOLASHADE!!! We love you. From Mother, Tunde, Kparobo, Ope and I J

*Plenty hugs and kisses*

This seems so mushy now, okay back to work *runsaway* J


Enitan Okediji

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