Artist- Group 1 Crew

Album- Spacebound

Label-  Word/Fervent Records

Street date- June 8, 2010.

Album length- 5 tracks. 17.8 minutes.

Genre- Hip – Pop/ RnB

IPod pick- Live it up

Redefining sound and genres is something artistes do from time to time. Some hit the hard ground at it. Some reach for the skies with it. On ‘Spacebound’ Group1Crew’s latest, the Hip hop band reach beyond the skies this time. For me I think they landed somewhere in space. It so out of this world. Weren’t they ‘spacebound’ anyways?

The album kicks off with party ready, TGIF track ‘Live it up’. Really I can’t compare it to any artist out there. It’s fresh and a fusion of many beats. It seems the boys have gone to spirit school of rap to polish their rap. The rap is much better than any on their former albums and Blanca Reyes’ voice shines better. It’s all worship that would keep you nodding your head on ‘Walking on the stars’, a beautiful tune with beats reminiscent of B.O.B and TobyMac. ‘Manipulation’ is something else entirely. I love the verse style. The track is a good prove these guys did their homework. ‘Breakdown’ follows in the same vein with beats that would get you dancing and always want another listen. ‘Beautiful’ starts with guitars tunes that would steal your heart away. Blanca takes the stage here singing ‘I love the way you made my smile cause it fits my face. . . ‘. In the rap, one of the guys says a line about liking a girl who helps her mum with the groceries. It’s a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.

I try to always refer to Group 1 crew’s latest effort as an album instead of an EP. Though it’s got just five tracks, it’s a wonderful ride and it’s worth the getting. Group 1 crew invites on an exciting ride on this effort and you know what, you better get ready cause you are ‘Spacebound’.

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