Yesterday we told you about Gotee’s anniversary and Out of Eden’s new song. If you missed it click here

The official tracklist for the anniversary album, Gotee Records: Twenty Years Brand New has been released and it will blow your mind.

Gotee 20 album

Check it out below

1. Relient K – Body Be (originally performed by Johnny Q. Public)
2. Capital Kings feat. John Reuben – Ooh Ahh (originally performed by GRITS feat. tobyMac)
3. The Katinas – River (originally performed by Out of Eden)
4. Out of Eden – Constant (originally performed by House of Heroes)
5. John Reuben – Love Addict (originally performed by Family Force 5)
6. House of Heroes – Stereo (originally performed by 4th Ave. Jones)
7. Jamie Grace – Getting Into You (originally performed by Relient K)
8. Ayiesha Woods – Refine Me (originally performed by Jennifer Knapp)
9. Ryan Stevenson  – My Refuge (originally performed by Sonicflood)
10. Family Force 5 – Doin’ (originally performed by John Reuben)
11. Harper Still – Here’s My Heart (originally performed by Out of Eden)
12. Sarah Kelly – Bless the Lord (originally performed by Jeff Deyo)
13. Grits – Undo Me (originally performed by Jennifer Knapp)
14. Finding Favour – One More Time (originally performed by The Katinas)
15. Stephanie Smith – I Celebrate the Day (originally performed by Relient K)
16. Paul Wright – Valley of Decision (originally performed by Christafari)
17. Zilch – Over Thinking (originally performed by Relient K)
18. The Gotee Brothers – Gotee’s Groovin’ (originally performed by Out of Eden)
Bonus Tracks
19. John Reuben – Love Addict (Lounge Club Version) [originally performed by Family Force 5] 20. Relient K – Sadie Hawkins Dance (10 Year Reunion) [originally performed by Relient K]

According to Gotee, the tracklisting may change. The album will be released on June 17th and two singles have been released exclusively to iTunes. The first, Out of Eden performing “Constant,” was originally recorded by House of Heroes, and the second is Capital Kings’ version of “Ooh Ahh” (feat. John Reuben), which was inititally recorded by GRITS featuring tobyMac. Click here to purchase “Constant,” and here for “Ooh Ahh.” You can also choose between pre-order options of the limited edition CD version today at

Listen to them below


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