Canden Webb is an amazing Spoken Word artist who has been in the art for a while now. She is popular for her P4CM piece, Generation Ex. Canden has decided to share one of her awesome poems with us. I hope you are blessed as you read.She sits cross-legged across bed spread

Probably not as upright as she should for reverence sake

Nevertheless she prays this way

Hands clasped tight, head up, eyes open, mind clear.

She is God’s chosen

And I dare you to tell her He doesn’t hear her.


She be immortal

Drowned once in sea of living water

Only to come up new creature

Her evolution never ends

Will always bends

Towards the One who gave it to her free

Liberty to the utmost in He

Who she trusts most

Obedience as if this were dictatorship

She, Welcomes self control instead of censorship

And hers are lips that break barriers with fervent whispers

Till angelic hand touches hip

Struggle never sounded better to His ears

Chosen is what he calls her

Cuz that’s who she be


Plucked the plank out of her own eye so she could see

And though girlie’s gait get wobbly every blue moon

She ain’t never forgot that He’s coming back soon

Don’t underestimate her potency

When u see her perched there

Cowering in humility

Dove tracks etched into her back

Ah, but there is monsoon in her belly!

Helium in her fingertips

Solid ground underneath her toes

God only knows

How she calls righteousness upon the workers of darkness

There go Holy Spirit infused in her spine

Tapped into

Only lifeline

One who Hung his life on the line


That is whom she pictures there with legs intertwined

Sitting atop mattress

Hands clasped tight, head up, eyes open, mind clear.

As she prays

Cocooned in communion

Access granted at the cross

She understands

She is God’s chosen

Chosen is what He calls her

And I dare you to tell her He doesn’t hear her when she prays


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