Believe it or not, sometimes I like to sit through Nollywood movies. Hey! I’m Nigerian, I gotta represent. I do however get angry at our female actresses who clearly don’t know where the gym is and think that after marriage it’s okay to let yourself go. Oh darling! Why ever would you think that? Seriously, it is a huge issue and it does affect some marriages. Let it be known, I am not sexist or feminist or anything related to that, I just write what I know.

Granted, the idea of working out or going to the gym used to be a thing of the western culture. But things are evolving and people need to stop being couch potatoes and get active. Before I sound like a hypocrite, I’ll have you know that I personally don’t go to the gym – yes, I am self-conscious like that. But that is not an excuse, I do work-out and I eat right. Ladies, your body is your temple, treat it right. Getting fit and staying fit involves discipline and the earlier you commit, the more likely it is to stick with you. If you don’t like running, take a walk. Cut out the extra spoon of rice and add some more vegetables instead. Try it for a few months and you’ll be surprised how comfortable you get with things you thought you’d never eat. For example I love coke; I think it’s the best soda in the world but that stuff is bad for you. So I made a compromise, instead of a coke classic, if I absolutely must have a fizzy drink, I get a coke zero or diet sprite. Change your diet, eat more fruits and try to enjoy what you eat. Spread your meals. The notion of three meals a day is a myth, eating five small portions throughout the day works better. Try dancing; find an activity that involves moving your body. Get off Facebook and go outside. Avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners, go natural.

I know it seems unfair that women have to worry about this more than mean, but the fact is guys burn more calories than we do (their bodies expel more heat etc.). So we have to make a conscious effort so our carbs don’t just sit in our bodies and turn to fat. The main idea is to be active and not to take in more calories than you actually burn. Find a group of friends and be accountable to each other for practicing a healthy lifestyle. Get active!

by Ibukun Jaiyeola

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